September 24, 2010

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The prayer, I will...

A Prayer For Today September 24th …2010


I am in such a place of joy to communicate with you
in this way, Dear God.

I am in breathless anticipation for the gifts that are coming.
As I move through the moments of my life,
I know that you are present in every single one.
I will be fully present to you and my higher self.

I will allow peace to be my state of mind today no matter
the evidence that may appear to the contrary.
I will be the thing I wish to manifest in my life.

I will be at cause for another to have more joy today.
I will be at cause for another to experience more love today.
I will be at cause for another soul to experience prosperity today.
I will be sincere in heart and spirit.

I will be the physical manifestation of the highest thought.
I will be the emotional manifestation of your divine being.
I am that which you are and I will honor that fact,
Every incredible moment of this day.

September 15, 2010

Prayer for Today Sept. 15th, 2010…Let Go

Today Dear God I will let go of all worry and fear
And let the wonder that is you take over.

I know that there is no condition so hopeless…
Nor a cause so far gone that the truth of
your infinite power cannot change.

I will bear witness to all that I create today
That you swim in my consciousness.
I stand in awe of the universal mind at work in my life.

I will strive for today to let the
glory of your omnipotence
Show in my words and work.

Today I will strive to remember that it is you
that shows the way in all things.
Today I will not live a day of mediocrity
I will live with you in my heart

September 13, 2010

Spirit Letter...Patience and the power of non judgement

Spirit Letter September 13th, 2010

This morning after prayer and meditation was one of those mornings I feel compelled once again to be a scribe for God. I have no questions and I am at peace knowing that whatever I need is on its way. Thus is the way the universal energy field works. What I put out in thought, word, action and deed comes back in kind to that energy output. I am asking one question however and that is my dear God, how do I entice more people to hear the messages? I want to help so many.
My Dearest Ones,
This is my address to all of you, the way showers, the light bringers, the truth tellers, master teachers… If events and situations seem to have slowed down do not give it any thought. It is the way of things now that obstacles will be an avenue of making you question your sincerity to your purpose. It is imperative that all your energy, intention and mindfulness be aligned with what you are doing. Keep pouring your vital force into all that you are creating. Do not give up. Never ever turn away from it even though it may appear not to be going in the direction you wished. Learn to develop patience. Patience will enhance your life with peace. Patience will take you a long way. It also takes patience to develop patience. Pardon me for chuckling over that. Yes! I do have a sense of humor. How could I not? Look at yourself and you will see me firmly ingrained in your consciousness.

To all of you, I say why are you always judging? It is a hard thing to do but not impossible to put aside judging. Ask yourself what is to be gained by judging everyone and everything around you. Does it make you feel peaceful and happy when you judge? The truthful answer is no. In order to judge there has to be some discontent present. In other words you are putting forth negative energy and what will be sent back to this judging vibration is more to judge. When the day comes that you fully comprehend this universal truth…you will be free. When you accept everything around you, when you cease judging and open your heart and mind to all, everything you ever wanted will start to appear. Acceptance is something that is entirely off beat for so many of you that you will not even try to put this out of your life. If you seriously want a spiritual life then make an effort toward this. You will only create more suffering and fear for yourself if you do not cease this soul draining practice. Even those who are well along the path of soul and spirit have difficulty with judging all of your life. Keeping it to the forefront of the mind will assist you with this. Train your mind to pinch you when you slip. In time you will wonder why something used to bother you so much and why did you make such a big fuss about it? When you ask yourself these questions, awareness is being born within you.

You are so blessed. You are so loved. Can you do a little of the same for the rest of the world. Begin now my beloved ones.

Still your mind and open your heart. Only then will you understand what is unfolding before you. There is no one answer for all of you. Each man, woman, child, animal and indeed your world is on a unique path. None is the same on that regard. You are all on the path home. In this regard, you are the same. Without exception…you will all arrive home. This I promise to you. No one is every turned away. It is sadly to often that it is some of you who do this. Never-the-less you will be engulfed and welcomed when it is time to come back home.

I am…I am…I am

August 14, 2010

Spirit Letter...Let Go

"LET GO"... New Spirit Letter this Morning August 14th, 2010
by Rev. Diannia Baty on Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 9:31am

Oh Divine God,

It is cloudy outside and I sat under the grape arbor watching the bees sip necter from the fallen fruit. I was so at peace and I know it is because I choose to be at peace. There are people that think that you cannot choose to be happy or at peace and that you simply must suffer if circumstances present themselves as something to suffer through. I am not sure what question I have but I felt your presence so strong with me. I stand as your scribe to take down your wisdom.

Ah, Dear One,

So, we are here again as you type in the words I send you. This is a gift I have given all of you. This form of communication can be life altering if you only allowed it. Those who step forward and do this for you are many times ridiculed but you are only making fun of yourself when you do this. Read or don't read. Listen or don't listen. Heed or pay no heed. Many choices in very moment are available to you. Do you not see the power of this?

Your were brought into being to be an asset to yourself and the entire world. If your life is lacking, look closely and you will see how you produced the lack. It is not I who bring drama and trauma upon you. I will never do that. If your life experience is peaceful and you have chosen this as an awareness to infuse into your moments, you will soon notice that it takes very little of this "Peace Choice," for things to start changing. It will be subtle at first and then in due course not so subtle. The gifts, direction, clarity, abundance and Love will arrive.

Let go of fear, anger, worry, anxiety, apathy and dozens of other emotions and feelings that do not serve you long term. Do these emotions do you any good? Answer honestly and you will soon percieve how you created what is happening. These types of feeling do serve a purpose but they were never meant to be created and held onto, to the point that it becomes a part of the identity that you are known by. You have phrases in your language such as , hot head, worry-wart, wimp, tyrant, bully, scared of your own shadow, drama queen, air head, workaholic etc. The list is endless.

Do not attach yourself to that which makes you unhappy and only you really know what that is. Do not let someone else rule your reality and tell you what your truth is.

Look with an open heart and examine your unconscious boundaries and realign them. Heart Rules!

My presence is always with you and my love lives within and can be touched and accessed in any nano-second.

I am...I am...I am

June 22, 2010

Spirit Letter...No favorites

Spirit Letter... No favorites

Oh My Sweet and Powerful Creator,
I am still mastering the manifestation process. I get real good at it and then I slip back into worry and concerns. The good thing is that I am staying aware of my thoughts and emotions. I feel like I am on the verge of a mighty discovery. I am just not sure of what that is. Three days ago I made the statement that I was in the process of manifesting something and three days later the desire and what I wanted appeared. It was incredible. I am so grateful. I am a willing scribe for your words and wisdom. I feel your energy and your love so strong at this moment. Your presence is felt and honored.

Hello Loved Ones
All is one. One is all.
I would first like to remind all that we are interwoven together. The tapestry of the universal power is in everyone. It is a tapestry woven of many threads of all colors and textures. It makes no sense to judge each other when you all come from the same stuff.
You cannot get away from each other even if you wanted to. The only way to escape from the collective is in your mind and why would you want that?

When you detach yourself from the oneness you feel scattered and unsure. You become emotionally ragged and the fabric of your life is torn and cannot sustain you.

The most difficult part of receiving is letting go of attachment of the outcome and worry that it will not be made so. You must stay in a state of gratitude for all that is already good and right with your life and let go of all concern. This is like giving me total access to your kitchen to bake a cake and then telling me how to do it. Be in a state of joy about something, anything at all.

I am in constant communication with each of you giving you the very best direction for your greatest and highest good.
There are no favorites with me. You are all my favorites. Open yourself up to me and learn to listen and interpret the guidance when it comes. It is entirely your choice as to what you do with the information.

There are many of you stepping forward with the spiritual evolution that is taking place in your world. The energy of this shift of consciousness cannot be denied. Those of you who are using your resources to assist in these changes will be blessed with all you need. Keep your eye on the goal which is to empower as many as possible to embrace their spiritual nature and understand it and then of course use it and not let the new knowledge lay fallow. Light a fire in their souls. Light a fire within your own spirit that nothing can extinguish.

Utilize all your focus to this goal with a passion that beats within your hungry hearts. This is what will bring you peace and prosperity.

My love is with you always and in all ways.
I am. I am. I am.

June 17, 2010

A Prayer #1

A Prayer For Today

Oh God...your presence infuses my being.
I acknowledge you as I acknowledge myself.

Oh God...My questions could fill the universe
and I know you hear them.

Oh God...sweet perfection is mine to take.
I ask that my heart be opened to love.

Oh I live this day
Bring someone to me today to lift up to you.

Great I Am presence I await your direction
and all knowing perfection.

Prayer #2

A Prayer For Today...June 16th, 2010.... And so it is #2

Yesterday at 7:43am

God, of my heart,
I ask of you today to
show me the way
to wellness...
and bring me further
to Oneness.

Guide me to understand
the power in my hands.

Help me to be accountable
for everything I do.

Open my soul and heart
and open me up in the process.

May I find true peace
As you talk to me
and I to you.

May I release all ego
and let it go.
Claim it not for evermore
and turn my back upon its presence.
May I purify my essence.

May I, May I.
I silently wait for the gift of guidance.
I am Present.

And so it is
And so it is

Prayer Series...#3

Prayer for today...June 17th 2010 #3

My Dear God

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am.
But I will try to tell you what is in my spirit.

I am grateful for these hands that can plant the seeds in the earth
And can hold my loved ones softly close to me.

I am grateful for these eyes that can see so much beauty
and look upon the creatures that run so wild and free.

I am grateful for these legs that can walk most anywhere
and can take me where I wish to go.

I am grateful for this heart of mine that holds the truth of me
and tells me what I need to know.

I am grateful for you creator, my dearest , dearest friend
and for your guidance that I know will never end.

I am grateful for the love you give me and for the gift of free-will.
I pray I use it wisely as it is mine alone.
I am grateful that some day you will call me home.

I fill my soul with gratitude and bow my head with peace
Knowing that your presence will never never cease.

And so it is...
And so it is...

June 11, 2010

Spirit Letter...Dumbed Down

Spirit Letter...June 10th "Dumbed Down"

I am in a state of just being and so I will rely on God to lead me as always…knowing that the guidance will be given. I ask you, Dear Universal Source of all, to give to me whatever it is that you wish to tell us.

Dear Ones,
In order to change the world, you must first change yourself. When you change,
everything around you will change. Through this ripple effect you will start a chain reaction in very moment of your life.

Imagine if you will that everyone decided to make a change within their perceptions and ideas of what life and their place in it is. Imagine if you will that it immediately raised the collective consciousness a notch. This is what everyone is being asked to do. This is what everyone must do in order to be ready for what is happening at this very second.

Your self-serving ways will not serve you any longer. So many have hardened hearts at present and think nothing of harming or taking from another. You kill and maim without a blink of pain about it. You are being bombarded by all the wicked and evil in the world and because of a steady diet of this, you no longer are horrified, appalled or heart-broken by the sad state of affairs on your world. I am speaking now to those who are living the same old way and doing the same old things. Stop dismissing and discounting what is right before your eyes.

If you are thinking that what is going on will not affect you, you are sadly mistaken. Whatever it is that you need to alter, transform or change, do it! Do not wait. Run, do not walk to the nearest group of spiritual people and learn how to raise your vibrations and be at peace. Plead with yourself to do something… anything at all that will stem the tide of negativity that is threatening to choke off the good in your world. There is far more good now than you would think and that is where your attention should be.

Focus now on all the good in your life. It is there if you look for it. Awareness is what it is. Be aware. Be Aware. Be aware! If you do not understand the true concept of awareness then it is time you learned. Be hyper-vigilant with your sense of awareness, and then be that!

Stop allowing others to do your thinking for you. Feed yourself from all the knowledge that is right in front of you. I have already given you all that you need. It is yours. You are mostly living your lives as though I am on the outside looking in, I am not outside. I am within you. Take this into your thoughts and mull it over and over until the line between us becomes blurred and you do not know where I begin and you leave off. We are not tethered you and I. There is no leash. There is only us! You are an extension of my qualities and I of yours. THERE IS NO SEPARATION!

The way to blur the line is not by trying to be perfect. You are perfect already. The way to blur the line of misconception, perception and communication between us is to live a compassionate life, a kind life toward all creatures, a gracious life with softer, slower reactions to experience and a generous loving life that sees into the heart of things and offers exactly what is spiritually needed to each moment.

Rise, my dearest and wonderful creations and join in love to each other. Give to the moment exactly what you have to offer, your gifts, your genius to the world and each other, the world and your own life. This is not the easiest thing to pull off because you must make conscious choices and you have been “dumbed down” by so many things of your world that you have forgotten how to do this.

Keeping the laws of old paradigms and teachings and “toeing the line” is much more difficult as it has only led to pain, suffering and a sense of isolation and apathy.

Live out of the orientation of the heart and soul which is cultivated and maintained through study, prayer, meditation, and contemplation…through seeing, hearing and knowing, and understanding how things really are and what is being asked of you, who you are and what you have to offer.

Love is the springboard to all things.
Knock and the door WILL be opened.


May 30, 2010

Spirit Letter ...May 30th Truth and Questions

My Dearest God,
I am grateful for the message you gave yesterday as many were comforted by it and expressed gratitude for its delivery. I come to you today as once again I felt your intense and loving energy to be your scribe. I have no question of my own but feel that you have something to give us. I will be your willing scribe.

Ah, My Dear Ones,
I wish to tell you about the importance of directing your life. All things such as, getting, having, owning, possessing, consuming, controlling, amassing, achieving, accomplishing, winning, conquering, defeating, and the like direct your lives. Most of What you do is done with these things in mind. Thus your living is governed by things outside of yourself which you hope to get, have, own, possess, etc., and what you do is determined by what you want your doing to do for you.The way you live is determined by what you want your way of living to get for you. You live to get what you want and have it made. Everything serves that end.

All of your doing, getting and having has led you to be owned by the very things you have acquired. Even your education is all about how it will help you to get things and position yourself in life to acquire more. You assume that everything you need in life is out there somewhere and indeed you have even placed me out there somewhere
outside of yourself. There was a very popular saying that was seen in many places and that was, "he who dies with the most toys wins." I ask the question, "wins what?"
The spiritual life and the understanding and implementation of it calls your assumptions into question and places you on a different track, a different path, than the one your culture would have you walk. It is a radical departure from the way you are supposed to be by prior conditioning. You cannot be spiritual without raising questions about the way life is really supposed to be lived. This radical departure from all the norms that exist make many people uncomfortable when someone they know walks a deep spiritual path. As they view the positive changes in you they are forced to look at their own lives and beliefs as they examine the changes in you.

Truth is not known by hearing, it is known by doing and living it. You don't get directions to truth. Truth is known by living it and seeing it and saying it. You live your way into the truth of all things, I created you to explore and ask questions and not to rely on what others may feed you as their truth. You have to find your own truth.

Live with your minds open and your hearts open. Live open to the experiences of your life. Ask questions and then ask questions that the answers to your questions generate. Be as a child that asks endless questions. Use your own magnificent mind to generate even more questions, Be in wonder at what you find out through your own investigations. As you learn you are growing into something that could only be glimpsed at before. Learn to ask and then speak your own truth and do not parrot what someone else's truth may be. I did not create you to be as sheep. I created sheep to be as sheep.
I am as alive as you are and because you live, I live. Be unique and go where you feared to tread before. Learn your truth and then speak it.
I Am
I Am
I Am

May 29, 2010

Spirit Letter...Accountability May 29th 2010

Dear God,
There are so many changes taking place right now with government, the earth, economics and so on and more information coming to light that it is hard to take it all in. I have noticed that crop circles are getting more intricate and seem to be sending a message of some kind. I felt your presence and I am a willing scribe for your energy and messages.

Yes, It is true that it seems everything is moving fast and furious to an inevitable conclusion going somewhere and there is no doubt that is is alarming and fascinating at the same time. At any given point there is more information being released and brought to light regarding healing, science, soul, the universe and even me. I know that you would be thrilled if I were to deliver to you what is going to happen but that would interfere with your free will and in truth even I at this point am holding my breath so to speak to see if all of you feel in your hearts what is true about what you are and return to that which will free you of all restraints of your human condition. So, it is all up to you. I know this is a heavy responsibility at best. This is the way I created you. I made you to explore and create wonderful things and the power of your creations has started to rule you instead of the other way around.
Make no mistake in thinking there is nothing you can do. Prayer in groups for the healing of your earth and the precious souls who live there is powerful beyond anything you may have thought it could be especially at this crucial juncture in your history. Prayer in isolation with the proper heart felt intention is powerful.

As for the crop circles, know this, they are not a hoax as some would wish to believe. Anyone who has done their due diligence in studying this incredible phenomena will be in awe at what this means. You have been told time and time again that you are one and many of you thought that it stopped at your planet. This is not true. Think beyond the confines of this earth of yours and look toward the universe for assistance and guidance. It is there and in a time very very soon contact will be made in such a way that it cannot be denied any longer.

You are as infants and are still growing and learning and it has never stopped and never will. If this method of communication between us had been introduced in the not so distant past many people would have been persecuted including you in trying to introduce this. I do communicate with all precious souls every day in many many ways and I am happy you choose to let me into your heart and your consciousness so we may share together with many. It is time for all to embrace the many ways I am with you and learn from those who would teach this and open your mind to it.

Once again I tell you that you were created to be magnificent beings and you are just growing into your spiritual robes. It is time to stop stepping on your own toes and blaming others for doing it. Everyone is accountable...everyone, for their actions, words and deeds.

Your world is not a toy to be ignored when you are through playing with it. ignoring me is not an option any longer either. I will be heard as it is more important than ever that you invite me in with all that you are. I am there by invitation or not but our communion will be beyond any previous comprehension if you deliberately invite me. Let us talk, shall we?

For all of those who are in pain of any kind, confusion of any kind, fear of any kind, come to me and talk. I am waiting and I will guide you in ways you never dreamed of.
I Am
I Am
I Am

May 23, 2010

The young ones at Unity Church...

To all of those who are reading this blog, I just want to say thank you for all your encouragement and kind words. I have been stopped by a few of you when you see me to tell me how much the blogs are bringing to your life. One man I know from the Unity church I attend told me that both him and his wife read them and this makes my heart swell with joy as they have small children and I feel whatever the parents learn will filter down to the young ones.

In church today we are encouraged to take a moment and walk around to greet each other and there is a lot of hugging going around. So much love is exchanged. I hug some of them more than once. It feels good...real good. We stand in a circle and hold hands and Rev. Julie leads a closing prayer and a thought and then there is more hugging as we walk out. One little girl of about three tugged on my pants and lifted up her arms to be hugged. As I knelt down to wrap my arms around her, my heart swelled in my breast with joy at this sweet pure energy. Now, this is what to teach the children! Teach them about love...true spiritual love. If there is any judgment in these people, I have not seen it or experienced it and I would venture to say that if Rev. Julie saw it she would nip it in the bud. Take them behind the spiritual wood shed so to speak. I have done that a few times myself when I felt it was needed.

By example every single person in this church teaches the young ones about love and acceptance. These children feel safe and they are open to share and I don't see any hiding behind their mothers skirts. They are a very sociable bunch of bright children and a delight to be around.

I say look to the young ones around you and observe and you will see the essence of their teachings shining through if it has been good and correct. You will see a glimpse of what is going on in their families. You will see joy and you will be blessed. (to order book)

Spirit Letter..Practice and habits

My Dearest Friend, Confidant and Creator,
There is much happening these days and my days are full. I was in Charlotte recently and had a full wonderful day of new experiences and new people. One thing I noticed was there was so much energy present. As I drove there I was not alone. At least 3 spiritual entities were there with me and throughout the day and I felt your presence as you guided me and filled me with what to say. I am grateful and feel your prompting to allow the wisdom to flow from you to me. I am your scribe. I am ready.

Dear Creative Ones,
I will speak to you today about practice for your spiritual self. It is that thing you do more than once until it becomes a spiritual habit. There are many things that you do and say out of habit. You are totally unaware about many of these habits until someone calls your attention to it. You may chew on your lip when concentrating. You may constantly clear your throat or have a certain morning ritual. There are many things you do unconsciously out of habit.
It is far better to develop habits consciously with deliberate intent when it comes to your soul’s growth. You may believe that you know what is needed intellectually but I am speaking about a different sort of knowledge.
This is knowledge from the level of the heart and faith.
Look carefully at all the habits you have developed in your life and pick and choose others that can replace any of those things which do not serve your greatest and highest good. What is it that would enhance your life and bring about abundance, peace, joy, happiness and laughter? What is the one thing that you could do consistently to bring more love and understanding in your life?
I will tell you this if you offer more of these things to others it will return to you a hundred fold. You can become what you are offering even if you do not feel it on a spiritual level at the time. As you put it into your life at whatever level you can it will expand. There is no maybe to this fact. It will happen!
Your heart is not meant to be used in a closed off fashion. It is meant to be opened and to allow this open energy to flow into the world. If you are feeling anything less that love, ask yourself why? Do not let it go un-noticed. Be a conscious being! You are not a rock. You are not a tree. You are a physical expression of me. All that I am is imprinted upon every cell in your body. Feel the birthright that is yours and has always been and always will be. When you turn away from yourself refusing to discover what you are, refusing to understand your spiritual essence, you turn away from me as we are ONE!
The wealth you are searching for is within. When you take the key and unlock the inner temple of the soul, you unlock the treasury of the heart and all good will flow into and from you. Everything you seek is there…absolutely everything!
My love knows no bounds. my heart is open wide and has never been closed. Abide with me.
I AM I AM I AM (to order book)

Life is a Series of Experiences...Spirit letter 2007

Spirit Letter July 2nd…2007 @ 7:50am

Dear Holy Spirit…I have been exhausted for the past 2 days and know I just needed more sleep but I am strangely anxious and don’t really know why.
Can you give me some insight and direction to lead me back to the peaceful place that I was in?

My Dear One,
Do not give this new energy any thought of great significance. It is just uncollected thought patterns. When there is no cohesiveness to what you are thinking then it appears scattered as indeed it is. You have been through many changes and the adjustments are just adjustments…nothing more.
Allow what is happening to come through and do not fight it as you will only prolong it.
Life is a series of experiences. You will create as you go along into each divine moment. You were put in a state of anger by a recent event. Can you see now where this was just a repeat of your life patterns? You have risen above it all and you have learned the lessons but it does not make it any less palatable. You reacted in a different way this time and the repeat of this lesson will become less intense as it already has.
Your recognition of what is …is lightening quick now. Be at peace with that.
Know that life and this world is going through a profound shift of energies now. Experience is neither fair nor unfair. It just is what it is.
What will you create today? What will you experience today?
Ground yourself within your sacred place and be blessed. All is well.
The minor issues of everyday life are what it is… and nothing more.
Do not allow yourself to become irritated by silly things like water heaters and such. These are but fleeting issues to be dealt with.
Remember your gratitude practice. Get back into your daily practice of meditation, prayer and love.
See the blessings, dear one and stay within compassion and love.
There is the one that I have put with you to lift you up and show you unconditional love. I am always sending people into your lives to guide you and bring you back to the truth of who you are.
You experience more love in a single day then most people do in their entire lifetimes.
What a gift…what a blessing!
Do what you must do today and then extend this week as your spiritual retreat. Any day you choose can become a loving retreat with me.
Love is all you need to sustain and love you have in abundance. Create with abandon and joy. All the moments of life should be perceived with joy in your soul. Even those moments that you view as negative are a blessing for your growth and enlightenment.
We are one and are not separated and have always been together beyond time. We will continue to be together beyond time and space and so it is with every one of you.
This should make you feel joyful excitement if you think upon it.

I Am
I Am
I Am

And so it is...the love of spiritual mates!

Spirit Letter...March 24th 07 @ 7:43am

Good Morning,
I know that you are listening and are ever present. I feel blessed and always grateful for your continued guidance and can feel your hand resting on my shoulder. There is much laughter and joy coming from this home. I felt the gearing down yesterday. Today will be more of the same. There is such a burden that has been lifted off my soul and spirit. I am grateful I had the courage and insight to know when to let go of my relationship such as it was. It certainly didn’t serve the work or me.
There is so much love here. I thank you. I am open and ready to receive your words.

Greetings to you spirit of light. It is no issue of what any longer only when? When do you do this or when do you do that? All in its own time.
The spirits and angels link hands and dance a ring of wonder and happiness around you. My wishes are to bring about more dedicated teachers who would walk in the light and teach the truth.

A time for nurturing is at hand for self and for others. Work is not necessary at such a pace to accomplish what I have given you to do. Enjoy a state of being. Just be. Breathe deeply. Now is a time for soft play. Walk in the glory of nature. Remember when you did this before how it renewed you? Racing is only meant for cars...not people.

Oh my beautiful ones...I am present every single second of your earth time. I have opened many doors for you and when they are opened you will know what to do. I have infused you with an ancient knowledge of rightness. I would not bring you this far and leave you with no tools to build what you desire to do the work of your heart.
You have said that you have cried many tears but the tears you shed now are
blessed tears of healing and knowledge and embracing happiness. Feel this dear little is something that will be with you all the rest of your days. Hence, you you cry. There is a big difference. Yes!

I would leave you with this thought. There are few men who can willingly walk with this much light and power at his side. There are many who would try and fail. Let go of the thought of a mate for a while. In truth, you do not have time or energy for this. You have a spiritual mates now and for the time at hand be content with that.

You will attract many followers and for some the light of truth and knowledge is blinding. Be careful of those who would worship you and not the knowledge you bring to them. Make sure they know the difference and understand. I am laughing with joy and holding out my hands for you to clasp. I will never abandon you. I will love you for eternity. No man can say thus.
I Am.
I Am.
I Am.

May 17, 2010

Life is precious even without arms and legs

I asked God to lead me to a powerful video and he led me to this.

May 15, 2010

A Great Wind...Spirit Letter

God’s Visit
Rev. Lady Diannia Baty © 2010

I know that God speaks to me in dreams and when I have these dreams they are incredible. Last night was just such a night. I went to bed happy and peaceful. I had played scrabble with my two new housemates and it was so much fun. I haven’t played this particular game in quite a while. It is good to sharpen the brain with games like this. I turned out the light after settling my little dog Hector in. He prefers to sleep on top of the comforter with his own blanket tucked in around him. In minutes we were asleep.

The Dream
I was walking in a field of the most beautiful flowers of every color and type. It was like a botanical garden. There were some cherry trees with low hanging branches in full bloom. On one of the branches was a huge nest of white doves. There must have been thirty or more of them. I could touch them. When I did they made cooing noises. I was fascinated with them. There was a path before me and I walked it to see where it would go. Off to the left was a field of puppies and adult dogs, all white romping and playing and it was quite a sight. There were so many breeds and sizes yet they were not fighting. They were all joyful. I watched them for a bit and when I opened the gate they ran toward me. There must have been at least fifty of them and yet they did not bark. They were happy to see me and my heart swelled with love. They surrounded me but did not jump up. These beautiful creatures were wagging their tails waiting for some kind of signal from me. I gave them a silent hand signal for sit and they all promptly sat!

That is when I felt the presence of God. In the dreams when this happens I just know what or who it is. God’s presence is soothing yet strong. I have seen God in these dreams as a glowing ball of bluish white light pulsing with life and energy. I have also seen God in these dreams as a robed figure and I cannot see a face only light inside the cowl covering. This time there was the ball of light hovering about ten feet away. I heard God speak and tell me that this was an amusement park for me for a while and all I had to do was think about what gave me joy and it would be made so. I was told that I was so loved and that the light and love that I extended out to the world was badly needed at this time in human history. God said that he wanted to reward me with this place of manifestation and miracles and desired me to rest and take a breather and to remember that nothing was impossible…nothing! I was thrilled and wanted to walk around some more.

I came to a place with the most incredible waterfall that cascaded down into a small pool of clear water and there were ferns growing that were as tall as me and moss on the banks that felt like a carpet. I stopped and bathed in the pool. The water was warm and not cold at all. I sat on the bank of moss after I was clean and fresh and looked off at the sky. It was bathed in a pink light. In an instant God was once more there talking to me about life and death and answering my questions before I could ask. Then the question arose in my mind as to the job I was doing on earth, “Was I doing a good job and following my purpose here on earth?” I started to weep when I asked this question because I was afraid of the answer. I never feel as if I have done enough. God told me to weep no more that I was doing just fine and in fact doing better than I had agreed to do. I was told that all was well and exactly in line with my life lessons. All the fear and sadness went away immediately and I was bathed in love that penetrated my body and I felt absorbed into something I cannot describe. The waterfall faded and I was on a beach and I was alone yet I was not alone. God was all around me
And within me and I felt like I could fly and so I did. I just had the thought to fly and off and away I went and flew across the ocean.

God told me he had a message for all and that I should continue to teach others how to communicate with him that it was vitally important now and he would continue to guide me in these teachings. When I awoke, I felt the urgings to scribe for God as I do most days through the written communication with God. I was given this message and so it is.

"I want the world to know how much I love all things. I am the Lord God and I created all. I am going to do something to show the world I exist. I am going to speak to the people. I am speaking to many of you now and wish to speak to all of you individually. My people must learn how to hear my voice. I yearn for deep communion with all people. I will not remain quiet. Listen to me. I have a plan for each of you, a plan that will bring you to the zenith of your creation. You can only reach this pinnacle of existence with my plan. I love you so much that I give you the choice to reject me. This rejection causes me great pain. I suffer for my children. When you are in pain and lost I can feel it. I know it instantly. A great wind is coming. It begins with the whisper of my voice. This wind will sweep the earth and consume the universe with love. I, the Lord God, am coming. I will strike my chord in every heart. I have been doing this since the beginning, but people have not listened. Even good people do not listen to me. People fill the churches and sing songs and listen to each other. I tell you, the time is here to listen and talk to me one on one and two by two. If you do not, you will be isolated from me. I will leave you to the darkness because through free-will you want this even when you don’t want this. You give me no alternative. In your heart, as you perceive this message, you know it is I. You cannot deny your God, any more than you can deny yourself. Listen to me. I am speaking, even now, to your heart. Learn to talk to me and learn to listen when I speak. There are so many ways I communicate with you."

I share with you all of this and hope it brings you peace. God is so very real but not in the ways of old thinking and teachings and it is way past time to take God out of the box we have put this mighty
loving force in. God cannot be contained by our meager and inept descriptions. God is not a concept. This is just something to think about.
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May 9, 2010

Spirit Letter...The time of the great reveal

Oh Dear Spirit…
Everything is so heightened and intense of recent times and I am curious what is going on or is it just me? I am a willing vessel to receive any guidance or messages you wish to impart.

This is the time of the great reveal…all is being thrown in your face to make changes that are required to assist you in the ascension process. Even avatars will feel a sense of unease or unrest during this time. All are being called to rid themselves… to rid their spirits of that which does not serve them any longer. This would include habits, people, living spaces, employments, relationships of any kind, old outmoded beliefs, organizations and of course the past.
This purging process is at times very painful not only for the “purger” but for the “purgee” if it is a person or persons that is involved. There are souls who will hang on with the ferocity of a bull dog when they are being cut off from what they perceived as their life raft. Those who have hung on for far too long will be cut loose from the vein
that fed them and took away from the source.
Tread softly now and remain very aware as you go about your days. Use your powers of discernment constantly as messages and guidance Are being sent to aid you in your life.
Many souls do not have a clue as to what to do with all this energy they feel. It is true that your world has sped up. Relationships will flicker in and out. Souls will be in the departing process. Many will react with anger…wild laughter or intense joy…deep sadness…run away and not be heard from again.
This is all a sign of the purge.
Rid yourself of anything that does not serve your highest calling and strive to be in a state of peace to enjoy the gifts as they come at whatever level they appear.
Your life experience will seem as if you were transported back into time and it will feel as if you are seeing “what was” in the experience of “what really is.”
This will be unsettling at best but does it not make sense that in order to totally embrace the ascension you must be in a place of pure truth about your life?
Ignorance is Not bliss. Ignorance is darkness and not of the light.
Be at peace dear ones and feel my love for you. All is well.
Know this with all the truth and light that is in your being and remain steadfast.

I am the light…You are the light
I am…I am…I am

We are asked over and over to forgive...This is something that God wants us to understand.

Why is forgiveness so important and why should we learn all there is to learn about forgiveness? When we forgive, we are truly free.

May 8, 2010

Spirit Letter May 8th Joy and Lighting The Fire of Joy

Dear God,
I am at peace in your presence and as I sat outside and told you that I love you I could feel you loving me back. A cardinal sat on the arm of the chair next to me and was only inches away. He cocked his head and watched me for a bit as I drank in the awesomeness of him. He was unafraid and so close I could have touched him. I knew this was a sign from you. Thank you! I am an open vessel for you and will scribe whatever you wish to share with us.

Be still my dear ones.
I say to all of you to tend the flame in your hearts and spirits. Keep the fire in your spirit alive and burning hot with joy and laughter.Be alert to what makes you feel most alive and add it to your life experience more often. Did you feel this when you hiked a mountain trail or was it when you were fly fishing? Was it when you were playing with all the plants and tending them as you watched them grow and delight you?

Was it when you sang a song to your child and acted silly and carefree? Did it happen when you embraced your mate and looked deeply into their eyes? Was it when you gazed up at the mountains and watched a sunset? Was it at the beaches as you watched the dolphins playing? Did this aliveness come when you built something with your own hands or knitted a blanket? Did you feel it when the music played and touched your heart and made you weep because it was no hauntingly beautiful?

More importantly did it come when you last spoke with me earnestly as love poured through you to me and me to you? Is this when you feel more alive? Then speak with me ...speak to me. I am waiting and will wait as long as it takes but in the meantime, I will be prompting your spirit to come and visit for a while. I will be doing this in so many ways. In people, places, times, events and sweet divine moments that cannot be discounted will be what you are seeking. Listen, as I am speaking to you dear ones.
I am always and in all ways communicating directly with you. The door is open...walk into your life and be with it and it will lead you to me.

We have much to talk about and I will help you find the answers that you seek. I Am...I Am...I Am

May 6, 2010

Fear, Friend or Foe

Dear God,
Almost as soon as I get used to another happening in our world another comes. The media reports only the most terrible things and if I gave into the fear-mongering that is going on, I would go to bed, pull the overs over my head and stay there. I feel there is more to come and I am asking what can we do to prepare for the changes that are yet to come?

My Dear Sons and Daughters,
The first thing I would tell all of you is not to give into fear! This emotion can do only two things and that is to protect you or to destroy you. It can drain any peace or semblance of faith, joy or peace. Fear can be useful if a tiger is stalking you and you need to take heed but beyond that to have it as a general emotion housed in your day to day experience will shove you off kilter to the point that you are unable to think or act clearly. Soon everything will be suspect as something to fear. Having this in the forefront of the energy vibrations that you put out as you think thoughts that bring about fear will only bring to you what you are frightened of. Fear exists because of some past event or because you feel it may happen in your future. Real fear in the moment is to keep you from swimming where you think sharks may dwell. This is protective. Toward this kind of end it is helpful.

It is common for most of you to try and block this emotion instead and standing with it to see what gift it brings of enlightenment. When you block it with activities or drink or too much sleep you only prolong it and keep it living with you constantly. Denial is not your best friend here. It will become your personal enemy, your nemesis,your Achilles heel. Walking toward your spirit and integrating the mastery teachings is not always a smooth path but it will become smoother and sweeter than the finest grapes ripe from the sun.

Abundance and joy can be yours. I created you to have a peaceful life. Be where you are every moment, my dear ones as I am constantly sending you what you need in every way and if you do not have it then examine how you have put stumbling blocks in your way. If you put the boulders on the path then it is you that can remove them.

I AM... I AM... I AM...

May 4, 2010

This is an incedible video to lift you up when you feel down

Our God is an awesome God

Allow the words, music and visuals flow through you and fill you with grace.

Doing the thing you least want to do

Spirit Letter April 5th, 2007 @ 7:45am

Dearest Sweet Spirit and God of my Heart... I am as always filled with gratitude
at all the wonders and the beauty that are taking place. I do feel entirely different since the consecration that took place just a few days ago. Jesus, you were felt in every step that I took and when you told me that my life would never be the same, you were right as usual. I look around me moment by moment and I am filled with joy. There are times it is still hard to believe that I live in this beautiful wondrous place. I have so much going on in my heart and my head that I do not know what the next step is. I am going with the flow of things as they come along. Can you clarify what the next step from this point is?

So it is guidance that you seek. It is guidance that you will get. All you have to do is ask. Very soon it will be time to go into town and just make your presence known a bit more. The people need to see you. They cannot seek what they have not seen or heard about. Do not fall into the trap of comfort.
The peace and the light of this scared and beautiful place keeps you tethered there. You don’t want to leave and cannot wait to return.
I have said before that it is balance that you need and to diversify your activities.
Exercise of the mind is one thing but you should be in exercise of the body as well. Walking in nature and the park outing that you took was beautiful was it not?
It will be time to focus on the book that you are featured in. Get this done and the rest will flow smoothly. Do the thing you least want to do and all will flow from that energy. You will find it is easy for you...very easy.
Remember to establish your rituals and to teach every day...every day to anyone and everyone who desires to listen.

Do not become so focused on doing that you forget being.
Always be grounded in spirit. This is where you will get your strength.
Let go slowly of the illusion of illness and stop calling it to you. With your words you are constantly referring to your body and its frailties. You are a powerful divine creature...honor it. Stop putting the thought out there that you are recovering. That is done. You are fully healed. When will you acknowledge this? You are strong and whole. Move forward and in your favorite words...erase this kind of thinking. It does not become the powerful teacher that you are. You are not small in spirit.

Your presence was all that was other. You answered with speed and are a healing presence. You are blessed.
And so it is...

Spirit Letter 2008

Good Morning,
My beloved creator…I have no particular question today but felt your prompting to write and knew you had something to impart. I am an open and willing vessel for your words of wisdom and guidance.

My Beloved Teacher of Light,
Your unease at present is because you feel the energy of something that is hidden from you. Although, you are not sure of what it is…you still perceive the energy of its expression. Do not be concerned as in time all will be revealed when it is right for you to understand. Know that you are a giver of peace, knowledge and help to others and that in all this doing there are times when your perception is clouded. You have thrown the life raft out to many.

I would speak to others now. It is vital to your spiritual essence that when you have received help from others and guidance to a better way that you do not allow ego to become too strong. You become as the child who has learned to walk and refuses the hand of the parent to be steadied at the new steps that are taken. When the hand is refused, the child many times will fall down. While this is vital in the learning process for the child’s’ growth…this is not the way to honor what you have been given.

Oh, you say…I am strong now and do not need the guidance and assistance any longer. I know all I need to know. I am healthy and wise and do not need the comfort any longer. You repeat to yourself that you do not need the compassion and assistance that was once given. This is where you make your life experience into something that will serve you in kind to what you have not given back… When you are stronger that is the time to return the compassion and assistance to the giver.
Too many of you discard and turn away from the very source that will continue to be of great guidance to you. You become full of ego and turn against the source. You abuse your gift of renewed life.
I send you help constantly and always answer your call to be delivered. Many times this is done through other souls who have walked a strong path of truth. In your society of instant gratification and throwing things away…you have thrown away too many and too much that was meant to be a part of your reality and peace. You do this with me all the time. Honor that which you have been given and practice love and be love…always. Do not discard the people in your life.
Know that I am…I am I AM

April 30, 2010

Oh Holy One,

I seem more grounded with you all the time. I feel you so strong in my life. I ask of you what

would you send me at this time in terms of your infinite wisdom? Is there something I am missing?

or have not understood. Is there any course correction I need to take? I am an open and willing

vessel for your energy to flow into and out of my heart and soul.

Analyze your greatness…look to the brightest light that shines within you. Concentrate on the light within

and examine that. There are many things that distinguish you from others. These gifts should be honored.

It is fine and a beautiful thing to tell others about their greatness but remember that greatness may be a foreign concept to them. Feed and teach them slowly. They will come forward to the light within.

You are softening and further transmuting is taking place. This is to ready you spiritually for the next phase of your journey. This phase is more intense than the last and you will be made ready for the growth. As in any fine repast, time should be readied to digest what has been taken in so it is fully absorbed. You are a hungry student and thus make an intense feeder of truth back unto others. Allowing the energy to flow will open up new horizons. You are in a further awakening stage.

This softening stage of spiritual awakening is to mute that force that is you so that you can better hear me.

Ego is dying…and does not wish to do this. You have stated this and I am glad you heard these words and repeat them often. When the little self speaks…it has a purpose and that is to keep you contained and blind to your highest and most incredible self. It wishes to keep you small and mediocre. I created everything to be extraordinary and this includes you. Know this to be true.

You made a wise choice when you said the time was not in alignment with what you have taken as your purpose. You saw clearly the correct decision. It is good to be prideful about this decision. I am sending more souls to the vision that will be mighty and true to assist you. Do you see the plan that has been put in place? I know the answer. You know the answer. This question is just to make you reflect back a bit and see the divine synchronicity that is there.

My dearest ones, it is all good and it is exactly what it is. Stay the course and keep the lines of communication burning. I am here.

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Past Spirit Letter about love

Spirit Letter…January 26th, 2008

Good Morning,
My divine Creator I am up very early for my trip to Florida. I haven’t packed yet but I will in just a few moments. It has been a busy week full of creative accomplishments and joy. I am peaceful and almost nothing rattles my cage. I would like to ask you about the big question of love and letting go of the past. Many people are having problems with this. What will you share with us today? I am an open and willing vessel for your words to pour through.

My wonderful sons and daughters,
I have watched you flounder in this emotion called love. You call it many things but it is still love. When you have loved someone, you always love them even when you think you have transmuted it into hate, apathy, or pity. The underlying love is always there. You cannot hate someone unless you also love. Where love has resided previously is an investment of your identity, be it a goal, person, activity or place.

It is necessary to say Goodbye. It is forward movement so that the old chapters can be shelved and a new chapter in life can begin. Remember what has been loved is still a part of your essence. For this reason detaching from what has been is not simple. The part of the self that has lived and grown in a particular person or situation exists in a timeless way. For love itself is timeless, and so at the moment of ending all that has been, it is still very real to the heart.

Each soul needs to be gentle and respectful of the process of letting go. You are saying goodbye to something or someone that was once cared for out of a sense of respect for the truth. Truth emerges from the heart to guide you in this process and lets one know that a chapter in “life” that has contained “life” is closing so a new one can begin.

Formally taking your leave is helpful so the heart can feel closure. It is good if everything can be said that needs to be expressed. If this is not possible take your leave in your mind and heart with a sense of gratitude that you experienced this for your souls’ growth. Call upon me and talk with me during this process and I will assist you…as always.

Do not be afraid to say goodbye because of sadness as you will lose something valuable by avoiding the process of deliberate closure and deliberate letting go.
You will miss the opportunity to fully embrace what is coming as your completeness
of soul is not fully present.

Whenever love is invoked…it is for your greatest and highest good. It is for growth and for experience. Love is the highest vibration that exists and will always serve you and the letting go will also serve you. Move ahead my dear ones and teach others and rise in love. Be compassionate with yourselves.


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Past Spirit Letter 2007

Spirit Letter July 6th…2007 @ 7:24am

Dear Divine Spirit,
This has been an unsettling week for me. After so much peace and direction
there is unease and last night I had dreams about people who have been out of my life for years. I feel stagnant, neither going forward or backward. I have felt tired all week and have no motivation. What do I need to do, see, or understand? What will you share with me today?

What you have been experiencing is what most people experience all of their lives.
This recent dose of the unkindness of the world will only serve you in the long-run.
I am sure you have noticed that your guard is up and hyper-vigilant now. This is to remind you that although you walk a powerful path now you must always remain
aware of the many dark energies that exist… darkness is always drawn to the light

You are no longer the person you were. The bullies of your life have no power over you.
Even now in his attitude of winning…the one has bullied you has won nothing…only lost and lost much. He is indeed intimidated by you. He has much fear in even speaking to you. He is unaware that even in the distance you could cause much heartache and disruption in his life if you choose to. You have done well at observing your thoughts and handling your emotions. Peace is the answer.
Sending him a blessing was love in practice for your fellow beings.

Rest and renew for the rest of this week and use this recent turn of events as fodder for a new article. Your writing has always grounded you. Write then…Dear One…Write.

Call upon the angels who are always near to sustain and help you through this time.
The support that you need is always near.
You are lifted up and loved. Indeed my teachers and bringers of light are so needed in this time of great shifting and need help and protection. Do not dip your toes in the darkness of fear. There is nothing to fear.

I am…I am…I am…

April 20, 2010

The Holy Grail

Inside your heart of hearts and your sweet souls is an urging, a yearning and a laser sharp awareness that something is amiss in your life experience.
There is a desire within that you may or may not be able to put your finger on for a purpose, a passion to be ignited into something profound. Normal doesn't cut it for you any longer. Quiet desperation and the mundane is not for you any more.
All over the world men and women are awakening into a new paradigm of what and who we are. So many of us are feeling a desire to be more, see more, understand more and feel more. There is a universal call for knowledge and to know God as never before.
All over our planet we are understanding the creator and making contact. We are also building a worldwide community of souls who are entering the ascension process willingly.
You know that what you are seeking cannot be found in the normal, mudane, ordinariness of Life.
You know there is something more.
It cannot be found in your job, your home, your possessions, your organizations, your clubs, your politics or your next vacation or move. You know because you have tried so many things and thus far it has not worked.
Indeed, it cannot be found in your relationships although you have had glimpses of peace and joy there
but it does not sustain you for too long.

The Holy Grail is within, in the silence and the quiet...
As you contemplate the meanings of things like death you must first understand life itself.
As you try to understand love and loving someone, you must first understand loving yourself.
As you willingly say YES, you must also learn to say NO!
As you strive to know self, you must first understand GOD!
That thumping on your consciousness is GOD!
The Universal Triple A
author of "Spirit Letters"


It is a new day and I see a few clouds in the sky so I know that rain is on the way. I am wondering about anxiety as so many people suffer from this. Will you share with us this morning about this particular issue?

I will be glad to expand upon this problem that so many bring into your lives.

From the young to the very old anxiety is a catch all phrase to describe worry. Anxiety is rampant in your world and must be eliminated in your mind.
It is a sign post to pay attention to something. It can be used in a positive way. When you feel anxiety of any kind do not run from or try to cut off this emotion. It is after all an emotion.

Face it down and ask it what it is trying to tell you. What are you supposed to know from it? What is the gift that it is offering you? Then you will start to have an understanding of it and can come to some conclusions to deal with it.
Is it for example what you are feeling because of something you think may not come out the way you wish? This is some free floating concern about the future.
Talk to me about it and I will show you the way to peace. Anxiety cuts you off from your spirit. Indeed it cuts you off from me. Strive for peace. Make a choice to be peaceful despite whatever is going on in your life. I am here dear ones...just a thought or a whisper away.

April 17, 2010

Be Bold In Your Quest

Be daring and bold in your quest to know God
As you are already known by God
Have no fear in your desire to see God
as you are already seen by God

Allow no anxiety to enter into your search to hear God
you are already heard by God.

Begin to attain self –mastery over your thought and behavior patterns.
Accept the invitation of the master teacher, Jesus
to “come out from among them” and dare to be your Authentic Self.
Identify yourself as only one thing…
a child of God.

Mastery is waking up from the unconscious state and claiming
what you are.

Become Silent

Become silent and hear the ticking clocks and the
train in the distance.
Become silent and you will be aware of your breath and the beating of your heart.
In the quiet you will hear the hissing energy of the universe.
In the nothing and the space is manifesting substance.
You will become aware of God’s pulse.
You will understand then that God is silent and
listening for your presence.
When your constant thoughts grow silent
and the talking stops.
only then can you hear what God has to say
and your heart opens wide
as time stands still.

Mastery is silence within.

April 16, 2010

Two words that shouldn't come out of your mouth.

God, I am in a state of peace this morning and I feel your presence as always and I am waiting to record your words.

I desire for everyone to look at two of the saddest words in your communication and those words are, IF ONLY. How many times do you use these words? These words say, "if only I had done it differently or not done it at all." If only I had not lost my temper, said that cruel thing did that dishonest move, told that foolish lie." The list is endless. If you could stop saying this you might begin to get somewhere. It doesn't change anything. You wind up facing the wrong way in life and that is backward instead of forward.You are in the past tense of life experience and getting in your own way. It is a roadblock.
Shift your focus...change the words and substitute a phrase that lifts up instead of dragging down your awareness. try the words, "next time."
When you do this miracles will occur in your life. When you say, "next time" you are saying you have decided to apply the lessons you have learned, however grim or painful it might have been. It says you are pushing regret aside and moving forward, taking action and getting on with the wonderful business of living. Lock the new phrase in place. Do not visit the "if only's." Regret serves no purpose except to keep you in the past or to keep you from a peaceful and divine future and so it is.
Remember your words are powerful. I am. I am. I am.

April 13, 2010

Gods Whispers*

I took a day trip today to see where Daniel Boone's father built a cabin and a near by cave. It was close to the banks of the Yadkin River and this whole area was incredibly beautiful.It was a fairly hard hike at some points but well worth it. I saw the forest bursting forth with life. The best way for me to recharge my spiritual and emotional batteries is to be in nature with nothing but trees, wind, sky and water to keep me company.
After lunch and the trip home I was ready for a nap when I returned and I didn't waste any time doing just that. I turned the floor fan on high and slid between the sheets. In no time I had dozed off.
It felt like I was in a state of twilight. I knew I was not alone and I remember thinking that I had to wake up and I heard whispering. The whispering was soft and soothing and made me feel safe. I was not alarmed.

I mumbled to the voice "what are you trying to say?" I heard the voice again and knew at once it was God.

This time very clearly I heard, "Wisdom is not in what is well known, wisdom is in what is coming to be known. Cherish the slow movement of what is coming in every moment. It is in the moments that wisdom is waiting. Stand apart of what you have always assumed everything to be so you can grow in awareness of how things actually are."

I woke up out of this stupor I was in. I had taken a short nap that I call a pink cloud naps. I felt so peaceful. In was in the whispering that my subconscious mind
went to and I am so grateful that God talks to me in all the ways that God does.
I am listening.

April 12, 2010

I Am In Your Heart

I am in your heart of hearts and I see from your minds eye.
I am in your hands as you mold the clay or til the soil.
I am in your breath as you expand your lungs.
I am in the salt of your tears.
I am there when you laugh.

I am in the midst of everything you create.
I am in the eyes of your child.
I am walking the path with you.
I am in the universe.
I am in the light of the stars.

I am the peace of your soul.
I am your friend, father, mother, mentor and teacher.
I am. I am. I am.

I am all of this and more.
I am all and we are one.
I am. I am. I am.

April 11, 2010

Is God Talking To You?

You wake in the morning of a new day and look outside and check the weather. It may be cloudy or the sun may be rising bathing everything in its warmth and strength. You start your morning ritual and prepare your cup of coffee or tea. If you open the paper you are bombarded by all that is negative in the world and before long you are feeling emptiness inside and a feeling of unease. You turn on the radio or the television and it is the same thing. The generic stress is getting a bit much. This inner unease is your spirit being called to be present with yourself and not the outside world. Are you paying attention or do you just continue on reading the newspaper and watching the news? Are you one of those in the mass collective consciousness that is feeding on all the negativity of this world or are you spreading peace and love? Is there a smile on your face or is your face furrowed with frown lines?
If you have to walk and feed your pet are you irritated with this ritual forgetting that you wanted this pet and should be remembering the joy that you felt at first with this sweet animal. Have you neglected it and no longer play with it and leave this precious animal alone for long periods of time? While your children and mate are getting ready and moving about to get ready for the day does their chattering annoy you? Have you forgotten what family is? Is there laughter and happy good mornings or is there a lot of grumbling and complaining? There it is… the house you said you wanted and the family you always dreamed of but something is wrong. You are not at peace and happiness eludes you. As you drive to work you slowly come to the realization that you feel like a rat in a cage. When did you last pray or meditate? When was the last time you sat and looked at the stars? When was the last time you thought of God? Are you drinking a bit much or taking prescription medication to sleep or relieve anxiety? Are you short tempered and edgy?
Then there it is…the tears start to roll down your cheeks. You feel lost and alone. All your material possessions, your job, the car means very little. You think about your loved ones and friends and can see clearly that you are having issues with them. If you are not feeling well, you attribute it to stress. If people are arguing or fighting with you the blame is placed on them. Going to church becomes just another thing to mark off your to do list.
Whatever is going on in your life is tainted with negativity and a feeling of emptiness and before long you know that you are depressed and nothing is helping.

The dark night of the soul is upon you
You feel that God has abandoned you. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is God is closer than ever before when your spirit is beaten down. Your pain calls the divine to you in ways that you are not aware of.
Shortly after I arose this morning, I started receiving a prompting from spirit to send out a call to those who are hurting, lost, afraid and confused. I asked what was I supposed to do. The first thing after my communion with God was that there was something our creator wanted me to share. And so here it is…

My Dear Ones,
As you ask if I have left you ask yourself if it is you who have left me? I am always present. I am as close as your breath or your heartbeat. Just the slightest thought of me brings me closer within. I am waiting for you to pay attention to what I am sending you every moment of every day. As you sit there with unhappiness in your heart did you notice the flock of birds that came to roost near you to remind you that your spirit should take flight and soar as the birds do? When you were wondering if your life counted did you see the love in your dear ones eyes as they looked to you to teach and guide them? Even now with every word you say they are listening. What are you telling them with your example?

When you wept tears of frustration did you feel my presence comfort you? Did you feel me tugging at your spirit to see the pain for the blessing that it is. Do you feel the call to come closer to me and listen with every fiber of your sweet being? I am communicating with you? I am! I am joyous when you speak with me and I will embrace you and lift your pain away. I beseech you to awaken. Now in this moment, come back to me as I need to hear from you.
Create a sacred place in your soul where we can meet. In your spirit with the powers of your mind…close your eyes and still yourself and I will come to you in such a way that you are given to understand and are ready for. There is no time and space where I do not dwell and I live within you. So know this…every tear you shed and every moment of bliss you feel…I feel also. I taste the salt of your spirit weeping. I care not how long you have been gone from me. I care that you are wounded. I care! I care! If your life is coming close to full circle…know that I am with you and will welcome you home in oneness with me. I am here. Let us be together. I have such deep profound love that defies description for you. Come and explore your life with me and together we will make this right. I need your presence.
I need your cooperation on this.
I am. I am. I am.