April 10, 2010

This song...will give you so much to think about. God reminds us to be grateful

Love it into being

For a few days recently, I was feeling a bit out of sorts and not really sure why. Most of my days are peaceful, calm and creative. I talk to my creator every day but I hadn’t had one of my heart to heart talks with my creator in a while so it was time. The first thing I start my days with is a greeting to the universe and a moment of gratitude then I go downstairs to let my dog out and get a cup of coffee.

This morning was different as I had my talk with God on my mind. God speaks to me through my heart and my soul and I feel the loving presence of my source. Just because I do not see God does not mean that God is not there. Because of my beliefs I know that God is in everything and is everywhere. I am never alone. I also know that communicating with God is only a thought away.

I gave Hector, my dog his morning milk bone and headed for my favorite red chair. On the way I put on some beautiful soothing music. After settling in I closed my eyes and went into a quiet meditative state. I am always reminded of the passage that says, “Be still and know I am God.” It is in the quiet stillness that I feel the presence of my creator so beautifully. Within seconds I felt it, a peaceful calm and a rush of love. Our conversation is something I wish to share.

Good Morning God, I have been feeling a bit uneasy lately and I was wondering if you would give me insight on this?

Dear Sweet Spirit, I will repeat some things to you that I have shared with you before. There are times your mind gets so full that you for a moment forget that you already know the answers. The “second” that you feel unease is when we should talk. If you wait then intensity of the negative feeling will grow. There is no inappropriate time or place to talk. So, we are in communion now and I will put away this unease but you will be doing your part to discover its cause. I would ask you a question…What is it that you have not done lately? What gift have you not expressed? What is it that gladdens your heart and brings you human joy?

God, there are many things that gladden my heart. The things that bring me human joy
are so numerous. I am not sure where to begin in terms of gifts that you have bestowed to me.

Daughter of light…I have given each of you many gifts that have to be expressed. You are artful and greatly expressive in writing, scribing, writing, communicating and teaching. You are artful in your love of plants. You have painted a lovely landscape of beauty. This spring it will delight many and lift their hearts when they view the canvas of flowers that grace your home. I have sent you many clues to pay attention to. You have had the thoughts of painting upon your canvas again but have not done so. The expression of this will give you balance. It is important for all of you to play with these talents and urgings. Play more and be in the zone of creating where time stands still and you can view what you have done. Balance is important and when balance is off you will feel this underlying unease. That is also why you could not quickly identify the feelings you were having. It is not necessary that you edit your process of play…just play and you will be back in balance. So, now you know dear one. And so it is. Express yourself and your spirit with some of the other gifts I have given you. My love is ever present and love should be at the top of your mind while creating. Love into being whatever you are doing and feeling.

For awhile I sat with everything I had heard and felt and I thought back and could readily see where the promptings had been. God, had been communicating with me all along in all the many ways that messages and guidance had been sent. I had not seen them for what they were. Today, I will grab a canvas and play for a while. It fills me with such joy to do this. It would behoove me to remember that God has sent me the answers long before I know there is an issue to resolve. I especially love the last thing that was told to me.

Love into being whatever you are doing and feeling.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you and while you are contemplating all this it just might be time for you to have a heart to heart with God. You will be overjoyed when you have this talk with God as I am always heard and answered.

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April 8, 2010

Inner Messages

Dear God,
Will you speak to me about inner messages? Some have asked me how they know it is spiritual guidance they are getting?

My Beloved Ones,
As you have said and it is true, the messages are insistent, stronger each time, and it feels good and correct when it comes through. If you disregard the guidance long enough, your body begins to transmit signs of discomfort. Stress will start to manifest in your being. I am there to support your decisions no matter what they are.

I want you to make the highest and best choice for your growth and ascension but it is always your choice. Many times the easier PATH IS TAKEN BECAUSE IT SEEMS SO, ONLY TO FIND OUT LATER IT WAS INDEED THE HARDEST PATH AND CHOICE TO MAKE. You know in the depths of your being what is right and correct. You always know even if you deny it.

Ask and you will receive. It is so. Listen with your heart.
I Am I Am I Am

Tasting more flavors

Spirit Letter…February 3rd, 2008

It is morning once again and I am home after a trip away. I am in gratitude to be here and enjoy all the comforts of home. There is much to do and I feel a sense of excitement for the coming days. I felt your prompting to sit here and bring your words through. I am ready for your wisdom to pour through.

My Dear Ones,
It is indeed another great day to be in joy and anticipation. Every moment should be lived this way. It would greatly improve your outlook and feeling of life. The flavors are all there for you to taste. Why do some of you persist in tasting only a few flavors when there is so much at the banquet table of life? You are like children who refuse to taste something new saying you do not like it when you haven’t even tasted it. You miss so much with this trick of the mind.
If you constantly walk upon the same path and never stray from it, it will not be too long when a deep rut has been established. This rut only gets deeper as time proceeds in your life. Do not be as the gerbil upon the wheel. Only after tasting something do you have the wisdom to say this is or is not for me.
This attitude of blindness is used with other people you meet, other nations and other beliefs. You judge something you have no knowledge about. When you have knowledge, your entire outlook on life and about life is changed. There is no monster in the dark save what you have created.
In your desire to be safe, you have cocooned yourselves within a dark
little space and the light and love that is your birthright cannot penetrate to you. You have done this to yourself. Sooner or later you must come out into the light so your wings can spread and become strong. Do you not dream of feeling the wind rushing around you and lifting you into flight?
What is safe? How are you safe and secure? Is it in the dark place you have created? Is it when you are pointing the finger at something or someone judging it? Is it when you are holding your divine self back from exploring your spiritual self? Is it when you have all power and possessions? Who are you deceiving? You are deceiving yourself and there will be no peace in this. Examine what you believe to be true and enter another world.

Enter the world of truth of self. Is the mirror you look at showing you a clear image or a distorted image of self?

The distortion of self will only hold you in bondage and you have the keys to free yourself.
Allow yourself to make informed healthy choices. Do not be in fear of jumping ahead and allowing self to emerge. If you live in a house of mirrors…everything is distorted if what you see is self deception and crazy making.
You only need one clear window to see the truth of what you are. You are divinity and I walk and talk with you every single second.
Become a truth-teller and start with self first. Are you in the practice of half-truths?
The truth of yourself may demand changes THAT YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT READY FOR.
You are always ready. Be fiercely honest with self. Rigorous honesty demands you confront your weaknesses. It is virtuous to tell the truth but it is a far greater virtue to be truthful with self. If you are dodging the intense light of self scrutiny…look around yourself and ask the question “is this practice of denial working in my life?”

The truth will set you free. Know this and trust these words. I am waiting for you to fly. There are many that need you to show the way. Remember love and be love…and so it is.

I am
I am
I am

Creating Balance

Hello Holy Spirit,
I am full of so many thoughts this morning that it is hard to sort them all out. On one hand I am full of joy that life experience has gifted me with so much to create. I am happy that I finally got my brochure done by myself and it looks good. I feel good and healthy and know that no one should ever take their health for granted. The wind is blowing and the sun is shining and it is turning colder. I am so blessed to have this wonderful home and divine friends and supporters. My question is how do we create balance in our lives as we move higher in the spiritual ascension?

And so you ask and so I answer.
The spirit always knows the balance of work rest and play that it needs. On a deep level you know what to do but many times you ignore it. When you ignore it you become what you call scattered and this simply means that you are not in the divine present.
There is a rhythm to life. There is a to and fro of everything. Look around you and you will see this. In everything you need energy and energy comes from your spiritual being in connection to the energy to the source of all. You are designed to function in harmony with the universal force and source of creation. One way or another you cannot escape the force.
Learn to divide your focus. You do not have to stay with one thing you are creating to the point where the creation of it becomes muddied. Even if you think you have no time to rest…you will blank out or suddenly the flow stops. You will find you cannot find words to say or the thing you are working with malfunctions. You will find that there are interruptions that you cannot control. This is the universe answering your call that you are tired or overwhelmed and frustrated. Remember there are no coincidences. There is no exception to this truth. Spirit leads you by desire. If you desire to rest then you must do this. You know what happens when you do not. Desire is a feeling, a prompting to change your course during the day.
Don’t waste the force of the divine influence. I made you to follow spirit. Why do you fight the very thing that will enhance your life and bring you balance and peace?
Follow the spirit. Feel the mighty force of creations energy. When you rest, do it creatively. Take off your shoes and play beautiful soothing music. Utilize all the things that make you feel peaceful and make it count. The experience of resting then becomes a creative experience. When you work do this with spirit energy knowing that you are creating your reality every second. Become peaceful with your thoughts and the rest will follow peacefully. If you become anger or frustration with your thoughts the rest will follow your creation. If you cut your finger while preparing a meal…you created it. Do you get this?
Spirit communicates to you in all ways, sometimes softly and very subtle and at others with a loud knock on your consciousness. Live in the divine present and forget about time while you are creating. Flow from one moment to the next.
Be wise about the pace of the spirit. It is a tool that connects us. Your connection is whatever you make it. If you have separated yourself from me in thought, your life creations will not be as you wish.

As you graduate from one level to the next the inner promptings from spirit become stronger and not so subtle any longer.
Do not worry about what you need. I will always supply you with what you need. You will be wise enough to see what I am sending you.
What I am directing you to is to stay in the flow and energy of spirit.
Your life is a prayer and every act is an Amen to your life. When you speak to yourself you are speaking to me. We are one.
All of the universe tingles and vibrates with every thought you have. Every time you create…no matter what it is…you store something in all that it. It becomes a gift for all.
Everything that has ever been thought of, felt, experienced is stored in a virtual vault ready to be tapped into by any of my creations. It is an infinite library for you.
How will you use it today?
What can we create today?
I am ready always.

I love my creations and you honor yourself and honor spirit when you are joyful.

Play, rest, work and do it all from spirit.
I am…I am…I am.

Happiness by choice

Dear God,
Will you speak to us about happiness?

My Dear Ones,
I would say to you not to postpone happiness until another day or until you have something that you desire. You say to yourself, when this or that comes to pass, then I will be happy. Your point of spiritual and personal power lies in the here and now where I reside. I do not exist in the future or the past . I am in this divine moment and no where else.
Experience the richness of this moment now with all the experience it offers you. Focus upon that which brings you the most joy and satisfaction in life and you will see that joy does not happen with a newer material thing. Say yes to life and the moment. Say yes with the heart and not the intellect.

When you are happy by choice you will feel my presence stronger than before. I am here and my love for all of you has no end.
I AM...I AM...I AM

Gratitude and Mindless Choices

Spirit Letter August 30, 2009

Dear Creator,
I am peaceful this morning and as I went outside I could hear the birds slowly waking up to their world. It is a little cooler and I can feel the change of the new season is close at hand. The fall season is beautiful as the leaves change color. I am in awe of how perfectly the design of everything is. I have a question this morning. Can love transform our world and stave off the coming disasters? I am a scribe for your words.

There is far too much attention being paid to what is wrong and bad. The labels that are being put on everything make it the label that it is called. Rather than call something a disaster, call it an experience. That is what it is. Through mindless choices the world has become a collective of all choices. There are many of you who are trying to bring about positive changes and become disheartened at the task at hand. You ask yourselves if one person can stem the tidal wave of bad choices? The answer is that not putting forth your effort however small you think it is, is a mistake in thinking. Good will attract like energy. So, put forth good thoughts and let hope be your eternal banner. Love is the strongest force there is. It will always be thus. When you are expressing love in any given situation you are transforming it into something that will benefit all for the greatest and highest good. See the good in everything that is…even something that you would have previously labeled bad or negative. It is always there to be found if you know how to look…you will find.
When you are expressing gratitude, you are expressing love and it will be felt and heard around the universe. This one practice will bring forth a high vibrational pull of good in your life and others. If someone is not expressing gratitude then express it for them. You understand the power of this and as each of you understands this, it will help turn the tidal wave of negative thoughts. The design of everything was created in love and an expression of joy. Look at the design pattern of a leaf. It is perfect is it not?
It does not try to redesign itself. It is perfect and so are all of you.
Some of you may seek to change the outer design through surgery but the inner design cannot be changed by anyone but yourselves.
Change your inner thoughts and feelings and the expression of your life will follow that perfectly. It is your free-will and only yours to do with what you will.
I Am I Am I Am

April 7, 2010

Changes and transformation

Spirit Letter January 5th 2010
My God…
I have had many thoughts and experiences of the past few months and the energy that surrounds me is so intense. I had an experience of a dimensional shift while driving a country road a few days ago. I was at a state of awareness like never before. I ask if there is something that you wish to share on this cold winters morning about this or anything at all? I can feel and hear your presence.

I know that all my beloved sons and daughters are experiencing mighty changes
and it includes everything from birth to death. To clarify, these experiences are deaths and births of a spiritual nature even if they are cloaked in changes of employment, housing, awareness and so on.
You draw to you that which most needs to be looked at and changed. This is absolute, no exceptions.
I am putting into the hearts of many to become what they are to facilitate and teach that which must be taught to bring about ascension.
There is a shift taking place and it is like climbing a ladder of reality. You have climbed a few more steps closer to what is and what has always been real. Once these shifts of knowing take place there is no going back after a certain point of growth is reached. You have turned that corner.
Each time a higher state of awareness is reached the oneness becomes more solidified between us.
Spiritually you are transforming and it will alter everything that you knew as you arrive at the truths and knowing that have sustained my masters since all was created.
The collective consciousness is expanding at a fast pace and this is what has given all of you the feeling that time is speeding up. It is the energy that is increasing.
More of you are stepping up to be counted as light bringers and truth tellers about what I am and your planets place in the universe.
You are now being pulled toward each other instead of repelling. This pull toward compassion and love is divinity in action.
The teachings of man that have pushed the lie that I am to be feared will not be the norm any longer. It does not serve the highest good. To fear me is to fear each other and that has led to all the negativity in your world. How can you love and trust another if you have wondered if you can fully love and trust me, your creator?
Anything that any one of you performs to bring someone closer to the truth of what they are has a high vibrational essence. It will only bring about more good
for everyone that person comes into contact with.
I have put a strong calling into the hearts of many to use their life and organizations to bring light into this world and awareness once and for all. The words you keep hearing, “the time is now,” is ringing through the spirits of
a large number of you as you turn away from what has not worked and transform it into an awakening. This will insure prosperity and abundance not only for the ones showing the way but for all of those who seek the light and the love that is theirs for the taking.
Everything is changing and evolving and you are immersed in that. Continue to express and channel Jesus as he has much to say and is doing it even now all over your planet. I know you feared this at first and I am happy that you overcame your fear and moved forward.
It is time for you to continue in this form of dialogue with me as we have in the past. It is good. I am with all of you at every moment. I will never interfere with any choices you make but the more we are in union with one another the stronger the guidance and messages will become. I am here.
I Am
I Am
I Am

What is your message today, God?

I would tell you to watch carefully for a sign from me. I will send you a gift today to lift you up and allow you to feel my presence stronger than yesterday. I am always communicating with everyone but it is most helpful to acknowledge it with talking to me throughout your waking hours.

Imagine if you will how it feels when there are people all around you and no one says hello! You cannot hurt my feelings yet the constant urgings you get from me to talk to me will be never ending. I will never give up on you. I send you angels and guides who are with you all the time. Call upon them and they will come forth to assist and protect you from harm.

Letter on Success

Spirit Letter, January 15th, 2008
Holy Spirit…God…the Divine One,
I am giddy with the gifts that come pouring in and I stand ready to deliver on everything.
I am redefining my work energy and focusing on becoming organized with my paper work, filing and prioritizing all my many projects. I am grateful for all the guidance.
I am an open and willing vessel for your words to pour through.

My Dear Ones,
I will speak with you today on preparing. Being prepared for success is in the doing of all you think must be done before success has happened.
When you have accomplished all the prep work that is necessary for the arrival of success then you are more willing to greet it and feel as though you have earned the right to glory in it.
The very act of preparation attracts to you like a magnet, opportunities to use the preparation to advance your life and wishes.
To become ready for your desires to be made manifest there are some things you must do to spiritually prepare for this. It requires faith and a knowing and a strong course of staying in this thought vibration. You must also understand that to think you can get by without preparation will only hinder your otherwise puny efforts. A little self-discipline will go a long way. It is not wise to try and wing it when success shows up. You can not fool yourself or others into thinking that you are more prepared than you are. You will look foolish and then what do you think will happen to your desires?

Your success in life is determined not only by your strengths but by your weaknesses. Looking closely at your weaker points of nature will help you to focus ever stronger. What is it that you have to be strongest at in order to arrive at the top of the hill? What habits of a weaker nature do you have that should be honed into a something much finer?
Do you waste time and how do you waste it? How can you do it differently? What are the weaknesses that hold you back? To answer this question requires that you be very honest with yourself. If you cannot offer honesty to yourself then you cannot offer this to others.
Do you watch too much of the viewer you call television? Turn it off and only view it at certain times as a treat and not the normal course of things or remove it altogether. Take apart a normal day and you will be able to determine where the best improvements can be made.

I would also tell you that it is vitally important to your spirit that you meditate and do the spiritual practices that have been taught to you.
These practices of love, gratitude and thought action are not just fluff.
Your choice or not but to greet success and indeed to call it to you, you must do the preparation on a spiritual level as well as a human level.

You prepare by thinking the thoughts and paving the way. You prepare by speaking with me. I am your editor, I am your partner, and I am your coach. I am all you will need to re-new and refresh your way and your spirit.

You must be prepared for what is on its way. Start thinking the grandest thoughts and believing the highest vision of what you are and what you want to be.

You can pave the road to be so smooth or you can leave it rocky and full of potholes. A smooth road will deliver you quicker to your destiny.

Jesus prepared every day and studied constantly and talked with me.
He tried to tell you about this. It is time to assimilate this knowledge.
Light workers are needed more than ever before in your history.
I am here to help you out of your caves of darkness and self flagellation.

Hold yourself in light and remember love…always love.

I am your God…