May 29, 2010

Spirit Letter...Accountability May 29th 2010

Dear God,
There are so many changes taking place right now with government, the earth, economics and so on and more information coming to light that it is hard to take it all in. I have noticed that crop circles are getting more intricate and seem to be sending a message of some kind. I felt your presence and I am a willing scribe for your energy and messages.

Yes, It is true that it seems everything is moving fast and furious to an inevitable conclusion going somewhere and there is no doubt that is is alarming and fascinating at the same time. At any given point there is more information being released and brought to light regarding healing, science, soul, the universe and even me. I know that you would be thrilled if I were to deliver to you what is going to happen but that would interfere with your free will and in truth even I at this point am holding my breath so to speak to see if all of you feel in your hearts what is true about what you are and return to that which will free you of all restraints of your human condition. So, it is all up to you. I know this is a heavy responsibility at best. This is the way I created you. I made you to explore and create wonderful things and the power of your creations has started to rule you instead of the other way around.
Make no mistake in thinking there is nothing you can do. Prayer in groups for the healing of your earth and the precious souls who live there is powerful beyond anything you may have thought it could be especially at this crucial juncture in your history. Prayer in isolation with the proper heart felt intention is powerful.

As for the crop circles, know this, they are not a hoax as some would wish to believe. Anyone who has done their due diligence in studying this incredible phenomena will be in awe at what this means. You have been told time and time again that you are one and many of you thought that it stopped at your planet. This is not true. Think beyond the confines of this earth of yours and look toward the universe for assistance and guidance. It is there and in a time very very soon contact will be made in such a way that it cannot be denied any longer.

You are as infants and are still growing and learning and it has never stopped and never will. If this method of communication between us had been introduced in the not so distant past many people would have been persecuted including you in trying to introduce this. I do communicate with all precious souls every day in many many ways and I am happy you choose to let me into your heart and your consciousness so we may share together with many. It is time for all to embrace the many ways I am with you and learn from those who would teach this and open your mind to it.

Once again I tell you that you were created to be magnificent beings and you are just growing into your spiritual robes. It is time to stop stepping on your own toes and blaming others for doing it. Everyone is accountable...everyone, for their actions, words and deeds.

Your world is not a toy to be ignored when you are through playing with it. ignoring me is not an option any longer either. I will be heard as it is more important than ever that you invite me in with all that you are. I am there by invitation or not but our communion will be beyond any previous comprehension if you deliberately invite me. Let us talk, shall we?

For all of those who are in pain of any kind, confusion of any kind, fear of any kind, come to me and talk. I am waiting and I will guide you in ways you never dreamed of.
I Am
I Am
I Am

May 23, 2010

The young ones at Unity Church...

To all of those who are reading this blog, I just want to say thank you for all your encouragement and kind words. I have been stopped by a few of you when you see me to tell me how much the blogs are bringing to your life. One man I know from the Unity church I attend told me that both him and his wife read them and this makes my heart swell with joy as they have small children and I feel whatever the parents learn will filter down to the young ones.

In church today we are encouraged to take a moment and walk around to greet each other and there is a lot of hugging going around. So much love is exchanged. I hug some of them more than once. It feels good...real good. We stand in a circle and hold hands and Rev. Julie leads a closing prayer and a thought and then there is more hugging as we walk out. One little girl of about three tugged on my pants and lifted up her arms to be hugged. As I knelt down to wrap my arms around her, my heart swelled in my breast with joy at this sweet pure energy. Now, this is what to teach the children! Teach them about love...true spiritual love. If there is any judgment in these people, I have not seen it or experienced it and I would venture to say that if Rev. Julie saw it she would nip it in the bud. Take them behind the spiritual wood shed so to speak. I have done that a few times myself when I felt it was needed.

By example every single person in this church teaches the young ones about love and acceptance. These children feel safe and they are open to share and I don't see any hiding behind their mothers skirts. They are a very sociable bunch of bright children and a delight to be around.

I say look to the young ones around you and observe and you will see the essence of their teachings shining through if it has been good and correct. You will see a glimpse of what is going on in their families. You will see joy and you will be blessed. (to order book)

Spirit Letter..Practice and habits

My Dearest Friend, Confidant and Creator,
There is much happening these days and my days are full. I was in Charlotte recently and had a full wonderful day of new experiences and new people. One thing I noticed was there was so much energy present. As I drove there I was not alone. At least 3 spiritual entities were there with me and throughout the day and I felt your presence as you guided me and filled me with what to say. I am grateful and feel your prompting to allow the wisdom to flow from you to me. I am your scribe. I am ready.

Dear Creative Ones,
I will speak to you today about practice for your spiritual self. It is that thing you do more than once until it becomes a spiritual habit. There are many things that you do and say out of habit. You are totally unaware about many of these habits until someone calls your attention to it. You may chew on your lip when concentrating. You may constantly clear your throat or have a certain morning ritual. There are many things you do unconsciously out of habit.
It is far better to develop habits consciously with deliberate intent when it comes to your soul’s growth. You may believe that you know what is needed intellectually but I am speaking about a different sort of knowledge.
This is knowledge from the level of the heart and faith.
Look carefully at all the habits you have developed in your life and pick and choose others that can replace any of those things which do not serve your greatest and highest good. What is it that would enhance your life and bring about abundance, peace, joy, happiness and laughter? What is the one thing that you could do consistently to bring more love and understanding in your life?
I will tell you this if you offer more of these things to others it will return to you a hundred fold. You can become what you are offering even if you do not feel it on a spiritual level at the time. As you put it into your life at whatever level you can it will expand. There is no maybe to this fact. It will happen!
Your heart is not meant to be used in a closed off fashion. It is meant to be opened and to allow this open energy to flow into the world. If you are feeling anything less that love, ask yourself why? Do not let it go un-noticed. Be a conscious being! You are not a rock. You are not a tree. You are a physical expression of me. All that I am is imprinted upon every cell in your body. Feel the birthright that is yours and has always been and always will be. When you turn away from yourself refusing to discover what you are, refusing to understand your spiritual essence, you turn away from me as we are ONE!
The wealth you are searching for is within. When you take the key and unlock the inner temple of the soul, you unlock the treasury of the heart and all good will flow into and from you. Everything you seek is there…absolutely everything!
My love knows no bounds. my heart is open wide and has never been closed. Abide with me.
I AM I AM I AM (to order book)

Life is a Series of Experiences...Spirit letter 2007

Spirit Letter July 2nd…2007 @ 7:50am

Dear Holy Spirit…I have been exhausted for the past 2 days and know I just needed more sleep but I am strangely anxious and don’t really know why.
Can you give me some insight and direction to lead me back to the peaceful place that I was in?

My Dear One,
Do not give this new energy any thought of great significance. It is just uncollected thought patterns. When there is no cohesiveness to what you are thinking then it appears scattered as indeed it is. You have been through many changes and the adjustments are just adjustments…nothing more.
Allow what is happening to come through and do not fight it as you will only prolong it.
Life is a series of experiences. You will create as you go along into each divine moment. You were put in a state of anger by a recent event. Can you see now where this was just a repeat of your life patterns? You have risen above it all and you have learned the lessons but it does not make it any less palatable. You reacted in a different way this time and the repeat of this lesson will become less intense as it already has.
Your recognition of what is …is lightening quick now. Be at peace with that.
Know that life and this world is going through a profound shift of energies now. Experience is neither fair nor unfair. It just is what it is.
What will you create today? What will you experience today?
Ground yourself within your sacred place and be blessed. All is well.
The minor issues of everyday life are what it is… and nothing more.
Do not allow yourself to become irritated by silly things like water heaters and such. These are but fleeting issues to be dealt with.
Remember your gratitude practice. Get back into your daily practice of meditation, prayer and love.
See the blessings, dear one and stay within compassion and love.
There is the one that I have put with you to lift you up and show you unconditional love. I am always sending people into your lives to guide you and bring you back to the truth of who you are.
You experience more love in a single day then most people do in their entire lifetimes.
What a gift…what a blessing!
Do what you must do today and then extend this week as your spiritual retreat. Any day you choose can become a loving retreat with me.
Love is all you need to sustain and love you have in abundance. Create with abandon and joy. All the moments of life should be perceived with joy in your soul. Even those moments that you view as negative are a blessing for your growth and enlightenment.
We are one and are not separated and have always been together beyond time. We will continue to be together beyond time and space and so it is with every one of you.
This should make you feel joyful excitement if you think upon it.

I Am
I Am
I Am

And so it is...the love of spiritual mates!

Spirit Letter...March 24th 07 @ 7:43am

Good Morning,
I know that you are listening and are ever present. I feel blessed and always grateful for your continued guidance and can feel your hand resting on my shoulder. There is much laughter and joy coming from this home. I felt the gearing down yesterday. Today will be more of the same. There is such a burden that has been lifted off my soul and spirit. I am grateful I had the courage and insight to know when to let go of my relationship such as it was. It certainly didn’t serve the work or me.
There is so much love here. I thank you. I am open and ready to receive your words.

Greetings to you spirit of light. It is no issue of what any longer only when? When do you do this or when do you do that? All in its own time.
The spirits and angels link hands and dance a ring of wonder and happiness around you. My wishes are to bring about more dedicated teachers who would walk in the light and teach the truth.

A time for nurturing is at hand for self and for others. Work is not necessary at such a pace to accomplish what I have given you to do. Enjoy a state of being. Just be. Breathe deeply. Now is a time for soft play. Walk in the glory of nature. Remember when you did this before how it renewed you? Racing is only meant for cars...not people.

Oh my beautiful ones...I am present every single second of your earth time. I have opened many doors for you and when they are opened you will know what to do. I have infused you with an ancient knowledge of rightness. I would not bring you this far and leave you with no tools to build what you desire to do the work of your heart.
You have said that you have cried many tears but the tears you shed now are
blessed tears of healing and knowledge and embracing happiness. Feel this dear little is something that will be with you all the rest of your days. Hence, you you cry. There is a big difference. Yes!

I would leave you with this thought. There are few men who can willingly walk with this much light and power at his side. There are many who would try and fail. Let go of the thought of a mate for a while. In truth, you do not have time or energy for this. You have a spiritual mates now and for the time at hand be content with that.

You will attract many followers and for some the light of truth and knowledge is blinding. Be careful of those who would worship you and not the knowledge you bring to them. Make sure they know the difference and understand. I am laughing with joy and holding out my hands for you to clasp. I will never abandon you. I will love you for eternity. No man can say thus.
I Am.
I Am.
I Am.