August 14, 2010

Spirit Letter...Let Go

"LET GO"... New Spirit Letter this Morning August 14th, 2010
by Rev. Diannia Baty on Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 9:31am

Oh Divine God,

It is cloudy outside and I sat under the grape arbor watching the bees sip necter from the fallen fruit. I was so at peace and I know it is because I choose to be at peace. There are people that think that you cannot choose to be happy or at peace and that you simply must suffer if circumstances present themselves as something to suffer through. I am not sure what question I have but I felt your presence so strong with me. I stand as your scribe to take down your wisdom.

Ah, Dear One,

So, we are here again as you type in the words I send you. This is a gift I have given all of you. This form of communication can be life altering if you only allowed it. Those who step forward and do this for you are many times ridiculed but you are only making fun of yourself when you do this. Read or don't read. Listen or don't listen. Heed or pay no heed. Many choices in very moment are available to you. Do you not see the power of this?

Your were brought into being to be an asset to yourself and the entire world. If your life is lacking, look closely and you will see how you produced the lack. It is not I who bring drama and trauma upon you. I will never do that. If your life experience is peaceful and you have chosen this as an awareness to infuse into your moments, you will soon notice that it takes very little of this "Peace Choice," for things to start changing. It will be subtle at first and then in due course not so subtle. The gifts, direction, clarity, abundance and Love will arrive.

Let go of fear, anger, worry, anxiety, apathy and dozens of other emotions and feelings that do not serve you long term. Do these emotions do you any good? Answer honestly and you will soon percieve how you created what is happening. These types of feeling do serve a purpose but they were never meant to be created and held onto, to the point that it becomes a part of the identity that you are known by. You have phrases in your language such as , hot head, worry-wart, wimp, tyrant, bully, scared of your own shadow, drama queen, air head, workaholic etc. The list is endless.

Do not attach yourself to that which makes you unhappy and only you really know what that is. Do not let someone else rule your reality and tell you what your truth is.

Look with an open heart and examine your unconscious boundaries and realign them. Heart Rules!

My presence is always with you and my love lives within and can be touched and accessed in any nano-second.

I am...I am...I am