April 17, 2010

Be Bold In Your Quest

Be daring and bold in your quest to know God
As you are already known by God
Have no fear in your desire to see God
as you are already seen by God

Allow no anxiety to enter into your search to hear God
you are already heard by God.

Begin to attain self –mastery over your thought and behavior patterns.
Accept the invitation of the master teacher, Jesus
to “come out from among them” and dare to be your Authentic Self.
Identify yourself as only one thing…
a child of God.

Mastery is waking up from the unconscious state and claiming
what you are.

Become Silent

Become silent and hear the ticking clocks and the
train in the distance.
Become silent and you will be aware of your breath and the beating of your heart.
In the quiet you will hear the hissing energy of the universe.
In the nothing and the space is manifesting substance.
You will become aware of God’s pulse.
You will understand then that God is silent and
listening for your presence.
When your constant thoughts grow silent
and the talking stops.
only then can you hear what God has to say
and your heart opens wide
as time stands still.

Mastery is silence within.

April 16, 2010

Two words that shouldn't come out of your mouth.

God, I am in a state of peace this morning and I feel your presence as always and I am waiting to record your words.

I desire for everyone to look at two of the saddest words in your communication and those words are, IF ONLY. How many times do you use these words? These words say, "if only I had done it differently or not done it at all." If only I had not lost my temper, said that cruel thing did that dishonest move, told that foolish lie." The list is endless. If you could stop saying this you might begin to get somewhere. It doesn't change anything. You wind up facing the wrong way in life and that is backward instead of forward.You are in the past tense of life experience and getting in your own way. It is a roadblock.
Shift your focus...change the words and substitute a phrase that lifts up instead of dragging down your awareness. try the words, "next time."
When you do this miracles will occur in your life. When you say, "next time" you are saying you have decided to apply the lessons you have learned, however grim or painful it might have been. It says you are pushing regret aside and moving forward, taking action and getting on with the wonderful business of living. Lock the new phrase in place. Do not visit the "if only's." Regret serves no purpose except to keep you in the past or to keep you from a peaceful and divine future and so it is.
Remember your words are powerful. I am. I am. I am.

April 13, 2010

Gods Whispers*

I took a day trip today to see where Daniel Boone's father built a cabin and a near by cave. It was close to the banks of the Yadkin River and this whole area was incredibly beautiful.It was a fairly hard hike at some points but well worth it. I saw the forest bursting forth with life. The best way for me to recharge my spiritual and emotional batteries is to be in nature with nothing but trees, wind, sky and water to keep me company.
After lunch and the trip home I was ready for a nap when I returned and I didn't waste any time doing just that. I turned the floor fan on high and slid between the sheets. In no time I had dozed off.
It felt like I was in a state of twilight. I knew I was not alone and I remember thinking that I had to wake up and I heard whispering. The whispering was soft and soothing and made me feel safe. I was not alarmed.

I mumbled to the voice "what are you trying to say?" I heard the voice again and knew at once it was God.

This time very clearly I heard, "Wisdom is not in what is well known, wisdom is in what is coming to be known. Cherish the slow movement of what is coming in every moment. It is in the moments that wisdom is waiting. Stand apart of what you have always assumed everything to be so you can grow in awareness of how things actually are."

I woke up out of this stupor I was in. I had taken a short nap that I call a pink cloud naps. I felt so peaceful. In was in the whispering that my subconscious mind
went to and I am so grateful that God talks to me in all the ways that God does.
I am listening.

April 12, 2010

I Am In Your Heart

I am in your heart of hearts and I see from your minds eye.
I am in your hands as you mold the clay or til the soil.
I am in your breath as you expand your lungs.
I am in the salt of your tears.
I am there when you laugh.

I am in the midst of everything you create.
I am in the eyes of your child.
I am walking the path with you.
I am in the universe.
I am in the light of the stars.

I am the peace of your soul.
I am your friend, father, mother, mentor and teacher.
I am. I am. I am.

I am all of this and more.
I am all and we are one.
I am. I am. I am.

April 11, 2010

Is God Talking To You?

You wake in the morning of a new day and look outside and check the weather. It may be cloudy or the sun may be rising bathing everything in its warmth and strength. You start your morning ritual and prepare your cup of coffee or tea. If you open the paper you are bombarded by all that is negative in the world and before long you are feeling emptiness inside and a feeling of unease. You turn on the radio or the television and it is the same thing. The generic stress is getting a bit much. This inner unease is your spirit being called to be present with yourself and not the outside world. Are you paying attention or do you just continue on reading the newspaper and watching the news? Are you one of those in the mass collective consciousness that is feeding on all the negativity of this world or are you spreading peace and love? Is there a smile on your face or is your face furrowed with frown lines?
If you have to walk and feed your pet are you irritated with this ritual forgetting that you wanted this pet and should be remembering the joy that you felt at first with this sweet animal. Have you neglected it and no longer play with it and leave this precious animal alone for long periods of time? While your children and mate are getting ready and moving about to get ready for the day does their chattering annoy you? Have you forgotten what family is? Is there laughter and happy good mornings or is there a lot of grumbling and complaining? There it is… the house you said you wanted and the family you always dreamed of but something is wrong. You are not at peace and happiness eludes you. As you drive to work you slowly come to the realization that you feel like a rat in a cage. When did you last pray or meditate? When was the last time you sat and looked at the stars? When was the last time you thought of God? Are you drinking a bit much or taking prescription medication to sleep or relieve anxiety? Are you short tempered and edgy?
Then there it is…the tears start to roll down your cheeks. You feel lost and alone. All your material possessions, your job, the car means very little. You think about your loved ones and friends and can see clearly that you are having issues with them. If you are not feeling well, you attribute it to stress. If people are arguing or fighting with you the blame is placed on them. Going to church becomes just another thing to mark off your to do list.
Whatever is going on in your life is tainted with negativity and a feeling of emptiness and before long you know that you are depressed and nothing is helping.

The dark night of the soul is upon you
You feel that God has abandoned you. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is God is closer than ever before when your spirit is beaten down. Your pain calls the divine to you in ways that you are not aware of.
Shortly after I arose this morning, I started receiving a prompting from spirit to send out a call to those who are hurting, lost, afraid and confused. I asked what was I supposed to do. The first thing after my communion with God was that there was something our creator wanted me to share. And so here it is…

My Dear Ones,
As you ask if I have left you ask yourself if it is you who have left me? I am always present. I am as close as your breath or your heartbeat. Just the slightest thought of me brings me closer within. I am waiting for you to pay attention to what I am sending you every moment of every day. As you sit there with unhappiness in your heart did you notice the flock of birds that came to roost near you to remind you that your spirit should take flight and soar as the birds do? When you were wondering if your life counted did you see the love in your dear ones eyes as they looked to you to teach and guide them? Even now with every word you say they are listening. What are you telling them with your example?

When you wept tears of frustration did you feel my presence comfort you? Did you feel me tugging at your spirit to see the pain for the blessing that it is. Do you feel the call to come closer to me and listen with every fiber of your sweet being? I am communicating with you? I am! I am joyous when you speak with me and I will embrace you and lift your pain away. I beseech you to awaken. Now in this moment, come back to me as I need to hear from you.
Create a sacred place in your soul where we can meet. In your spirit with the powers of your mind…close your eyes and still yourself and I will come to you in such a way that you are given to understand and are ready for. There is no time and space where I do not dwell and I live within you. So know this…every tear you shed and every moment of bliss you feel…I feel also. I taste the salt of your spirit weeping. I care not how long you have been gone from me. I care that you are wounded. I care! I care! If your life is coming close to full circle…know that I am with you and will welcome you home in oneness with me. I am here. Let us be together. I have such deep profound love that defies description for you. Come and explore your life with me and together we will make this right. I need your presence.
I need your cooperation on this.
I am. I am. I am.

Where do I go from here?

God Morning God,
You are the heart of my being and I acknowledge you so much during my day. I was hearing you just then about something you wish to share. I am a willing scribe for you.
Dear Ones,
It is good to leave the typo or was it? There are no mistakes. All is just life experience. One could say, "I want to share what happened to me today or one could say Let me tell you what I experienced." The latter would be more to the spiritual point.

I heard you ask me, "where do I go from here?" I say to you...you are exactly where you should be. Be in the state of being instead of going. Your question should be your clue. Be in the now dear one. You were in a thought process of future attachments. Let go and just be!

I would make a suggestion to create something. Feel the hues and beautiful choice of color and paint something. I will be with you to co-create. We will have such joy and peace while you drip color onto the canvas.

I say to all that to create something with the all that you are and bring forth unto the world your greatness, your unique talent, your heart.

Love...I Am I Am I Am....I AM

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