June 17, 2010

A Prayer #1

A Prayer For Today

Oh God...your presence infuses my being.
I acknowledge you as I acknowledge myself.

Oh God...My questions could fill the universe
and I know you hear them.

Oh God...sweet perfection is mine to take.
I ask that my heart be opened to love.

Oh God...as I live this day
Bring someone to me today to lift up to you.

Great I Am presence I await your direction
and all knowing perfection.

Prayer #2

A Prayer For Today...June 16th, 2010.... And so it is #2

Yesterday at 7:43am

God, of my heart,
I ask of you today to
show me the way
to wellness...
and bring me further
to Oneness.

Guide me to understand
the power in my hands.

Help me to be accountable
for everything I do.

Open my soul and heart
and open me up in the process.

May I find true peace
As you talk to me
and I to you.

May I release all ego
and let it go.
Claim it not for evermore
and turn my back upon its presence.
May I purify my essence.

May I, May I.
I silently wait for the gift of guidance.
I am Present.

And so it is
And so it is

Prayer Series...#3

Prayer for today...June 17th 2010 #3

My Dear God

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am.
But I will try to tell you what is in my spirit.

I am grateful for these hands that can plant the seeds in the earth
And can hold my loved ones softly close to me.

I am grateful for these eyes that can see so much beauty
and look upon the creatures that run so wild and free.

I am grateful for these legs that can walk most anywhere
and can take me where I wish to go.

I am grateful for this heart of mine that holds the truth of me
and tells me what I need to know.

I am grateful for you creator, my dearest , dearest friend
and for your guidance that I know will never end.

I am grateful for the love you give me and for the gift of free-will.
I pray I use it wisely as it is mine alone.
I am grateful that some day you will call me home.

I fill my soul with gratitude and bow my head with peace
Knowing that your presence will never never cease.

And so it is...
And so it is...