May 8, 2010

Spirit Letter May 8th Joy and Lighting The Fire of Joy

Dear God,
I am at peace in your presence and as I sat outside and told you that I love you I could feel you loving me back. A cardinal sat on the arm of the chair next to me and was only inches away. He cocked his head and watched me for a bit as I drank in the awesomeness of him. He was unafraid and so close I could have touched him. I knew this was a sign from you. Thank you! I am an open vessel for you and will scribe whatever you wish to share with us.

Be still my dear ones.
I say to all of you to tend the flame in your hearts and spirits. Keep the fire in your spirit alive and burning hot with joy and laughter.Be alert to what makes you feel most alive and add it to your life experience more often. Did you feel this when you hiked a mountain trail or was it when you were fly fishing? Was it when you were playing with all the plants and tending them as you watched them grow and delight you?

Was it when you sang a song to your child and acted silly and carefree? Did it happen when you embraced your mate and looked deeply into their eyes? Was it when you gazed up at the mountains and watched a sunset? Was it at the beaches as you watched the dolphins playing? Did this aliveness come when you built something with your own hands or knitted a blanket? Did you feel it when the music played and touched your heart and made you weep because it was no hauntingly beautiful?

More importantly did it come when you last spoke with me earnestly as love poured through you to me and me to you? Is this when you feel more alive? Then speak with me ...speak to me. I am waiting and will wait as long as it takes but in the meantime, I will be prompting your spirit to come and visit for a while. I will be doing this in so many ways. In people, places, times, events and sweet divine moments that cannot be discounted will be what you are seeking. Listen, as I am speaking to you dear ones.
I am always and in all ways communicating directly with you. The door is open...walk into your life and be with it and it will lead you to me.

We have much to talk about and I will help you find the answers that you seek. I Am...I Am...I Am

May 6, 2010

Fear, Friend or Foe

Dear God,
Almost as soon as I get used to another happening in our world another comes. The media reports only the most terrible things and if I gave into the fear-mongering that is going on, I would go to bed, pull the overs over my head and stay there. I feel there is more to come and I am asking what can we do to prepare for the changes that are yet to come?

My Dear Sons and Daughters,
The first thing I would tell all of you is not to give into fear! This emotion can do only two things and that is to protect you or to destroy you. It can drain any peace or semblance of faith, joy or peace. Fear can be useful if a tiger is stalking you and you need to take heed but beyond that to have it as a general emotion housed in your day to day experience will shove you off kilter to the point that you are unable to think or act clearly. Soon everything will be suspect as something to fear. Having this in the forefront of the energy vibrations that you put out as you think thoughts that bring about fear will only bring to you what you are frightened of. Fear exists because of some past event or because you feel it may happen in your future. Real fear in the moment is to keep you from swimming where you think sharks may dwell. This is protective. Toward this kind of end it is helpful.

It is common for most of you to try and block this emotion instead and standing with it to see what gift it brings of enlightenment. When you block it with activities or drink or too much sleep you only prolong it and keep it living with you constantly. Denial is not your best friend here. It will become your personal enemy, your nemesis,your Achilles heel. Walking toward your spirit and integrating the mastery teachings is not always a smooth path but it will become smoother and sweeter than the finest grapes ripe from the sun.

Abundance and joy can be yours. I created you to have a peaceful life. Be where you are every moment, my dear ones as I am constantly sending you what you need in every way and if you do not have it then examine how you have put stumbling blocks in your way. If you put the boulders on the path then it is you that can remove them.

I AM... I AM... I AM...

May 4, 2010

This is an incedible video to lift you up when you feel down

Our God is an awesome God

Allow the words, music and visuals flow through you and fill you with grace.

Doing the thing you least want to do

Spirit Letter April 5th, 2007 @ 7:45am

Dearest Sweet Spirit and God of my Heart... I am as always filled with gratitude
at all the wonders and the beauty that are taking place. I do feel entirely different since the consecration that took place just a few days ago. Jesus, you were felt in every step that I took and when you told me that my life would never be the same, you were right as usual. I look around me moment by moment and I am filled with joy. There are times it is still hard to believe that I live in this beautiful wondrous place. I have so much going on in my heart and my head that I do not know what the next step is. I am going with the flow of things as they come along. Can you clarify what the next step from this point is?

So it is guidance that you seek. It is guidance that you will get. All you have to do is ask. Very soon it will be time to go into town and just make your presence known a bit more. The people need to see you. They cannot seek what they have not seen or heard about. Do not fall into the trap of comfort.
The peace and the light of this scared and beautiful place keeps you tethered there. You don’t want to leave and cannot wait to return.
I have said before that it is balance that you need and to diversify your activities.
Exercise of the mind is one thing but you should be in exercise of the body as well. Walking in nature and the park outing that you took was beautiful was it not?
It will be time to focus on the book that you are featured in. Get this done and the rest will flow smoothly. Do the thing you least want to do and all will flow from that energy. You will find it is easy for you...very easy.
Remember to establish your rituals and to teach every day...every day to anyone and everyone who desires to listen.

Do not become so focused on doing that you forget being.
Always be grounded in spirit. This is where you will get your strength.
Let go slowly of the illusion of illness and stop calling it to you. With your words you are constantly referring to your body and its frailties. You are a powerful divine creature...honor it. Stop putting the thought out there that you are recovering. That is done. You are fully healed. When will you acknowledge this? You are strong and whole. Move forward and in your favorite words...erase this kind of thinking. It does not become the powerful teacher that you are. You are not small in spirit.

Your presence was all that was other. You answered with speed and are a healing presence. You are blessed.
And so it is...

Spirit Letter 2008

Good Morning,
My beloved creator…I have no particular question today but felt your prompting to write and knew you had something to impart. I am an open and willing vessel for your words of wisdom and guidance.

My Beloved Teacher of Light,
Your unease at present is because you feel the energy of something that is hidden from you. Although, you are not sure of what it is…you still perceive the energy of its expression. Do not be concerned as in time all will be revealed when it is right for you to understand. Know that you are a giver of peace, knowledge and help to others and that in all this doing there are times when your perception is clouded. You have thrown the life raft out to many.

I would speak to others now. It is vital to your spiritual essence that when you have received help from others and guidance to a better way that you do not allow ego to become too strong. You become as the child who has learned to walk and refuses the hand of the parent to be steadied at the new steps that are taken. When the hand is refused, the child many times will fall down. While this is vital in the learning process for the child’s’ growth…this is not the way to honor what you have been given.

Oh, you say…I am strong now and do not need the guidance and assistance any longer. I know all I need to know. I am healthy and wise and do not need the comfort any longer. You repeat to yourself that you do not need the compassion and assistance that was once given. This is where you make your life experience into something that will serve you in kind to what you have not given back… When you are stronger that is the time to return the compassion and assistance to the giver.
Too many of you discard and turn away from the very source that will continue to be of great guidance to you. You become full of ego and turn against the source. You abuse your gift of renewed life.
I send you help constantly and always answer your call to be delivered. Many times this is done through other souls who have walked a strong path of truth. In your society of instant gratification and throwing things away…you have thrown away too many and too much that was meant to be a part of your reality and peace. You do this with me all the time. Honor that which you have been given and practice love and be love…always. Do not discard the people in your life.
Know that I am…I am I AM