September 15, 2010

Prayer for Today Sept. 15th, 2010…Let Go

Today Dear God I will let go of all worry and fear
And let the wonder that is you take over.

I know that there is no condition so hopeless…
Nor a cause so far gone that the truth of
your infinite power cannot change.

I will bear witness to all that I create today
That you swim in my consciousness.
I stand in awe of the universal mind at work in my life.

I will strive for today to let the
glory of your omnipotence
Show in my words and work.

Today I will strive to remember that it is you
that shows the way in all things.
Today I will not live a day of mediocrity
I will live with you in my heart

September 13, 2010

Spirit Letter...Patience and the power of non judgement

Spirit Letter September 13th, 2010

This morning after prayer and meditation was one of those mornings I feel compelled once again to be a scribe for God. I have no questions and I am at peace knowing that whatever I need is on its way. Thus is the way the universal energy field works. What I put out in thought, word, action and deed comes back in kind to that energy output. I am asking one question however and that is my dear God, how do I entice more people to hear the messages? I want to help so many.
My Dearest Ones,
This is my address to all of you, the way showers, the light bringers, the truth tellers, master teachers… If events and situations seem to have slowed down do not give it any thought. It is the way of things now that obstacles will be an avenue of making you question your sincerity to your purpose. It is imperative that all your energy, intention and mindfulness be aligned with what you are doing. Keep pouring your vital force into all that you are creating. Do not give up. Never ever turn away from it even though it may appear not to be going in the direction you wished. Learn to develop patience. Patience will enhance your life with peace. Patience will take you a long way. It also takes patience to develop patience. Pardon me for chuckling over that. Yes! I do have a sense of humor. How could I not? Look at yourself and you will see me firmly ingrained in your consciousness.

To all of you, I say why are you always judging? It is a hard thing to do but not impossible to put aside judging. Ask yourself what is to be gained by judging everyone and everything around you. Does it make you feel peaceful and happy when you judge? The truthful answer is no. In order to judge there has to be some discontent present. In other words you are putting forth negative energy and what will be sent back to this judging vibration is more to judge. When the day comes that you fully comprehend this universal truth…you will be free. When you accept everything around you, when you cease judging and open your heart and mind to all, everything you ever wanted will start to appear. Acceptance is something that is entirely off beat for so many of you that you will not even try to put this out of your life. If you seriously want a spiritual life then make an effort toward this. You will only create more suffering and fear for yourself if you do not cease this soul draining practice. Even those who are well along the path of soul and spirit have difficulty with judging all of your life. Keeping it to the forefront of the mind will assist you with this. Train your mind to pinch you when you slip. In time you will wonder why something used to bother you so much and why did you make such a big fuss about it? When you ask yourself these questions, awareness is being born within you.

You are so blessed. You are so loved. Can you do a little of the same for the rest of the world. Begin now my beloved ones.

Still your mind and open your heart. Only then will you understand what is unfolding before you. There is no one answer for all of you. Each man, woman, child, animal and indeed your world is on a unique path. None is the same on that regard. You are all on the path home. In this regard, you are the same. Without exception…you will all arrive home. This I promise to you. No one is every turned away. It is sadly to often that it is some of you who do this. Never-the-less you will be engulfed and welcomed when it is time to come back home.

I am…I am…I am