June 22, 2010

Spirit Letter...No favorites

Spirit Letter... No favorites

Oh My Sweet and Powerful Creator,
I am still mastering the manifestation process. I get real good at it and then I slip back into worry and concerns. The good thing is that I am staying aware of my thoughts and emotions. I feel like I am on the verge of a mighty discovery. I am just not sure of what that is. Three days ago I made the statement that I was in the process of manifesting something and three days later the desire and what I wanted appeared. It was incredible. I am so grateful. I am a willing scribe for your words and wisdom. I feel your energy and your love so strong at this moment. Your presence is felt and honored.

Hello Loved Ones
All is one. One is all.
I would first like to remind all that we are interwoven together. The tapestry of the universal power is in everyone. It is a tapestry woven of many threads of all colors and textures. It makes no sense to judge each other when you all come from the same stuff.
You cannot get away from each other even if you wanted to. The only way to escape from the collective is in your mind and why would you want that?

When you detach yourself from the oneness you feel scattered and unsure. You become emotionally ragged and the fabric of your life is torn and cannot sustain you.

The most difficult part of receiving is letting go of attachment of the outcome and worry that it will not be made so. You must stay in a state of gratitude for all that is already good and right with your life and let go of all concern. This is like giving me total access to your kitchen to bake a cake and then telling me how to do it. Be in a state of joy about something, anything at all.

I am in constant communication with each of you giving you the very best direction for your greatest and highest good.
There are no favorites with me. You are all my favorites. Open yourself up to me and learn to listen and interpret the guidance when it comes. It is entirely your choice as to what you do with the information.

There are many of you stepping forward with the spiritual evolution that is taking place in your world. The energy of this shift of consciousness cannot be denied. Those of you who are using your resources to assist in these changes will be blessed with all you need. Keep your eye on the goal which is to empower as many as possible to embrace their spiritual nature and understand it and then of course use it and not let the new knowledge lay fallow. Light a fire in their souls. Light a fire within your own spirit that nothing can extinguish.

Utilize all your focus to this goal with a passion that beats within your hungry hearts. This is what will bring you peace and prosperity.

My love is with you always and in all ways.
I am. I am. I am.