September 24, 2010

Presentation with music and graphics of the Prayer, I WILL

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The prayer, I will...

A Prayer For Today September 24th …2010


I am in such a place of joy to communicate with you
in this way, Dear God.

I am in breathless anticipation for the gifts that are coming.
As I move through the moments of my life,
I know that you are present in every single one.
I will be fully present to you and my higher self.

I will allow peace to be my state of mind today no matter
the evidence that may appear to the contrary.
I will be the thing I wish to manifest in my life.

I will be at cause for another to have more joy today.
I will be at cause for another to experience more love today.
I will be at cause for another soul to experience prosperity today.
I will be sincere in heart and spirit.

I will be the physical manifestation of the highest thought.
I will be the emotional manifestation of your divine being.
I am that which you are and I will honor that fact,
Every incredible moment of this day.