April 30, 2010

Oh Holy One,

I seem more grounded with you all the time. I feel you so strong in my life. I ask of you what

would you send me at this time in terms of your infinite wisdom? Is there something I am missing?

or have not understood. Is there any course correction I need to take? I am an open and willing

vessel for your energy to flow into and out of my heart and soul.

Analyze your greatness…look to the brightest light that shines within you. Concentrate on the light within

and examine that. There are many things that distinguish you from others. These gifts should be honored.

It is fine and a beautiful thing to tell others about their greatness but remember that greatness may be a foreign concept to them. Feed and teach them slowly. They will come forward to the light within.

You are softening and further transmuting is taking place. This is to ready you spiritually for the next phase of your journey. This phase is more intense than the last and you will be made ready for the growth. As in any fine repast, time should be readied to digest what has been taken in so it is fully absorbed. You are a hungry student and thus make an intense feeder of truth back unto others. Allowing the energy to flow will open up new horizons. You are in a further awakening stage.

This softening stage of spiritual awakening is to mute that force that is you so that you can better hear me.

Ego is dying…and does not wish to do this. You have stated this and I am glad you heard these words and repeat them often. When the little self speaks…it has a purpose and that is to keep you contained and blind to your highest and most incredible self. It wishes to keep you small and mediocre. I created everything to be extraordinary and this includes you. Know this to be true.

You made a wise choice when you said the time was not in alignment with what you have taken as your purpose. You saw clearly the correct decision. It is good to be prideful about this decision. I am sending more souls to the vision that will be mighty and true to assist you. Do you see the plan that has been put in place? I know the answer. You know the answer. This question is just to make you reflect back a bit and see the divine synchronicity that is there.

My dearest ones, it is all good and it is exactly what it is. Stay the course and keep the lines of communication burning. I am here.

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Past Spirit Letter about love

Spirit Letter…January 26th, 2008

Good Morning,
My divine Creator I am up very early for my trip to Florida. I haven’t packed yet but I will in just a few moments. It has been a busy week full of creative accomplishments and joy. I am peaceful and almost nothing rattles my cage. I would like to ask you about the big question of love and letting go of the past. Many people are having problems with this. What will you share with us today? I am an open and willing vessel for your words to pour through.

My wonderful sons and daughters,
I have watched you flounder in this emotion called love. You call it many things but it is still love. When you have loved someone, you always love them even when you think you have transmuted it into hate, apathy, or pity. The underlying love is always there. You cannot hate someone unless you also love. Where love has resided previously is an investment of your identity, be it a goal, person, activity or place.

It is necessary to say Goodbye. It is forward movement so that the old chapters can be shelved and a new chapter in life can begin. Remember what has been loved is still a part of your essence. For this reason detaching from what has been is not simple. The part of the self that has lived and grown in a particular person or situation exists in a timeless way. For love itself is timeless, and so at the moment of ending all that has been, it is still very real to the heart.

Each soul needs to be gentle and respectful of the process of letting go. You are saying goodbye to something or someone that was once cared for out of a sense of respect for the truth. Truth emerges from the heart to guide you in this process and lets one know that a chapter in “life” that has contained “life” is closing so a new one can begin.

Formally taking your leave is helpful so the heart can feel closure. It is good if everything can be said that needs to be expressed. If this is not possible take your leave in your mind and heart with a sense of gratitude that you experienced this for your souls’ growth. Call upon me and talk with me during this process and I will assist you…as always.

Do not be afraid to say goodbye because of sadness as you will lose something valuable by avoiding the process of deliberate closure and deliberate letting go.
You will miss the opportunity to fully embrace what is coming as your completeness
of soul is not fully present.

Whenever love is invoked…it is for your greatest and highest good. It is for growth and for experience. Love is the highest vibration that exists and will always serve you and the letting go will also serve you. Move ahead my dear ones and teach others and rise in love. Be compassionate with yourselves.


The Book, "SPIRIT LETTERS" can be ordered from www.makeachoicenow.com

Past Spirit Letter 2007

Spirit Letter July 6th…2007 @ 7:24am

Dear Divine Spirit,
This has been an unsettling week for me. After so much peace and direction
there is unease and last night I had dreams about people who have been out of my life for years. I feel stagnant, neither going forward or backward. I have felt tired all week and have no motivation. What do I need to do, see, or understand? What will you share with me today?

What you have been experiencing is what most people experience all of their lives.
This recent dose of the unkindness of the world will only serve you in the long-run.
I am sure you have noticed that your guard is up and hyper-vigilant now. This is to remind you that although you walk a powerful path now you must always remain
aware of the many dark energies that exist… darkness is always drawn to the light

You are no longer the person you were. The bullies of your life have no power over you.
Even now in his attitude of winning…the one has bullied you has won nothing…only lost and lost much. He is indeed intimidated by you. He has much fear in even speaking to you. He is unaware that even in the distance you could cause much heartache and disruption in his life if you choose to. You have done well at observing your thoughts and handling your emotions. Peace is the answer.
Sending him a blessing was love in practice for your fellow beings.

Rest and renew for the rest of this week and use this recent turn of events as fodder for a new article. Your writing has always grounded you. Write then…Dear One…Write.

Call upon the angels who are always near to sustain and help you through this time.
The support that you need is always near.
You are lifted up and loved. Indeed my teachers and bringers of light are so needed in this time of great shifting and need help and protection. Do not dip your toes in the darkness of fear. There is nothing to fear.

I am…I am…I am…