May 30, 2010

Spirit Letter ...May 30th Truth and Questions

My Dearest God,
I am grateful for the message you gave yesterday as many were comforted by it and expressed gratitude for its delivery. I come to you today as once again I felt your intense and loving energy to be your scribe. I have no question of my own but feel that you have something to give us. I will be your willing scribe.

Ah, My Dear Ones,
I wish to tell you about the importance of directing your life. All things such as, getting, having, owning, possessing, consuming, controlling, amassing, achieving, accomplishing, winning, conquering, defeating, and the like direct your lives. Most of What you do is done with these things in mind. Thus your living is governed by things outside of yourself which you hope to get, have, own, possess, etc., and what you do is determined by what you want your doing to do for you.The way you live is determined by what you want your way of living to get for you. You live to get what you want and have it made. Everything serves that end.

All of your doing, getting and having has led you to be owned by the very things you have acquired. Even your education is all about how it will help you to get things and position yourself in life to acquire more. You assume that everything you need in life is out there somewhere and indeed you have even placed me out there somewhere
outside of yourself. There was a very popular saying that was seen in many places and that was, "he who dies with the most toys wins." I ask the question, "wins what?"
The spiritual life and the understanding and implementation of it calls your assumptions into question and places you on a different track, a different path, than the one your culture would have you walk. It is a radical departure from the way you are supposed to be by prior conditioning. You cannot be spiritual without raising questions about the way life is really supposed to be lived. This radical departure from all the norms that exist make many people uncomfortable when someone they know walks a deep spiritual path. As they view the positive changes in you they are forced to look at their own lives and beliefs as they examine the changes in you.

Truth is not known by hearing, it is known by doing and living it. You don't get directions to truth. Truth is known by living it and seeing it and saying it. You live your way into the truth of all things, I created you to explore and ask questions and not to rely on what others may feed you as their truth. You have to find your own truth.

Live with your minds open and your hearts open. Live open to the experiences of your life. Ask questions and then ask questions that the answers to your questions generate. Be as a child that asks endless questions. Use your own magnificent mind to generate even more questions, Be in wonder at what you find out through your own investigations. As you learn you are growing into something that could only be glimpsed at before. Learn to ask and then speak your own truth and do not parrot what someone else's truth may be. I did not create you to be as sheep. I created sheep to be as sheep.
I am as alive as you are and because you live, I live. Be unique and go where you feared to tread before. Learn your truth and then speak it.
I Am
I Am
I Am