April 20, 2010

The Holy Grail

Inside your heart of hearts and your sweet souls is an urging, a yearning and a laser sharp awareness that something is amiss in your life experience.
There is a desire within that you may or may not be able to put your finger on for a purpose, a passion to be ignited into something profound. Normal doesn't cut it for you any longer. Quiet desperation and the mundane is not for you any more.
All over the world men and women are awakening into a new paradigm of what and who we are. So many of us are feeling a desire to be more, see more, understand more and feel more. There is a universal call for knowledge and to know God as never before.
All over our planet we are understanding the creator and making contact. We are also building a worldwide community of souls who are entering the ascension process willingly.
You know that what you are seeking cannot be found in the normal, mudane, ordinariness of Life.
You know there is something more.
It cannot be found in your job, your home, your possessions, your organizations, your clubs, your politics or your next vacation or move. You know because you have tried so many things and thus far it has not worked.
Indeed, it cannot be found in your relationships although you have had glimpses of peace and joy there
but it does not sustain you for too long.

The Holy Grail is within, in the silence and the quiet...
As you contemplate the meanings of things like death you must first understand life itself.
As you try to understand love and loving someone, you must first understand loving yourself.
As you willingly say YES, you must also learn to say NO!
As you strive to know self, you must first understand GOD!
That thumping on your consciousness is GOD!
The Universal Triple A

author of "Spirit Letters"


It is a new day and I see a few clouds in the sky so I know that rain is on the way. I am wondering about anxiety as so many people suffer from this. Will you share with us this morning about this particular issue?

I will be glad to expand upon this problem that so many bring into your lives.

From the young to the very old anxiety is a catch all phrase to describe worry. Anxiety is rampant in your world and must be eliminated in your mind.
It is a sign post to pay attention to something. It can be used in a positive way. When you feel anxiety of any kind do not run from or try to cut off this emotion. It is after all an emotion.

Face it down and ask it what it is trying to tell you. What are you supposed to know from it? What is the gift that it is offering you? Then you will start to have an understanding of it and can come to some conclusions to deal with it.
Is it for example what you are feeling because of something you think may not come out the way you wish? This is some free floating concern about the future.
Talk to me about it and I will show you the way to peace. Anxiety cuts you off from your spirit. Indeed it cuts you off from me. Strive for peace. Make a choice to be peaceful despite whatever is going on in your life. I am here dear ones...just a thought or a whisper away.