June 11, 2010

Spirit Letter...Dumbed Down

Spirit Letter...June 10th "Dumbed Down"

I am in a state of just being and so I will rely on God to lead me as always…knowing that the guidance will be given. I ask you, Dear Universal Source of all, to give to me whatever it is that you wish to tell us.

Dear Ones,
In order to change the world, you must first change yourself. When you change,
everything around you will change. Through this ripple effect you will start a chain reaction in very moment of your life.

Imagine if you will that everyone decided to make a change within their perceptions and ideas of what life and their place in it is. Imagine if you will that it immediately raised the collective consciousness a notch. This is what everyone is being asked to do. This is what everyone must do in order to be ready for what is happening at this very second.

Your self-serving ways will not serve you any longer. So many have hardened hearts at present and think nothing of harming or taking from another. You kill and maim without a blink of pain about it. You are being bombarded by all the wicked and evil in the world and because of a steady diet of this, you no longer are horrified, appalled or heart-broken by the sad state of affairs on your world. I am speaking now to those who are living the same old way and doing the same old things. Stop dismissing and discounting what is right before your eyes.

If you are thinking that what is going on will not affect you, you are sadly mistaken. Whatever it is that you need to alter, transform or change, do it! Do not wait. Run, do not walk to the nearest group of spiritual people and learn how to raise your vibrations and be at peace. Plead with yourself to do something… anything at all that will stem the tide of negativity that is threatening to choke off the good in your world. There is far more good now than you would think and that is where your attention should be.

Focus now on all the good in your life. It is there if you look for it. Awareness is what it is. Be aware. Be Aware. Be aware! If you do not understand the true concept of awareness then it is time you learned. Be hyper-vigilant with your sense of awareness, and then be that!

Stop allowing others to do your thinking for you. Feed yourself from all the knowledge that is right in front of you. I have already given you all that you need. It is yours. You are mostly living your lives as though I am on the outside looking in, I am not outside. I am within you. Take this into your thoughts and mull it over and over until the line between us becomes blurred and you do not know where I begin and you leave off. We are not tethered you and I. There is no leash. There is only us! You are an extension of my qualities and I of yours. THERE IS NO SEPARATION!

The way to blur the line is not by trying to be perfect. You are perfect already. The way to blur the line of misconception, perception and communication between us is to live a compassionate life, a kind life toward all creatures, a gracious life with softer, slower reactions to experience and a generous loving life that sees into the heart of things and offers exactly what is spiritually needed to each moment.

Rise, my dearest and wonderful creations and join in love to each other. Give to the moment exactly what you have to offer, your gifts, your genius to the world and each other, the world and your own life. This is not the easiest thing to pull off because you must make conscious choices and you have been “dumbed down” by so many things of your world that you have forgotten how to do this.

Keeping the laws of old paradigms and teachings and “toeing the line” is much more difficult as it has only led to pain, suffering and a sense of isolation and apathy.

Live out of the orientation of the heart and soul which is cultivated and maintained through study, prayer, meditation, and contemplation…through seeing, hearing and knowing, and understanding how things really are and what is being asked of you, who you are and what you have to offer.

Love is the springboard to all things.
Knock and the door WILL be opened.